Glastonbury Festival from my armchair

As the old cliché goes Glastonbury Festival changed my life; at the end of my first year of university studying a Physics degree I attended my first festival and with Kasabian swaggering on stage it was the perfect way to open. By the end of the festival Glastonbury and music had stolen my heart. Countless gigs later and festivals up and down the country from The Great Escape and Latitude to Leeds...

Artistic Echoes Show – Field Manual

On tonight’s show we are joined live in the studio by Chris from Field Manual. Also on this weeks #mixtape we have Fjokra, The Empire Police, Darla Beaux and 3 Bricks Shy. Tune in to Canalside Radio 102.8fm or www.canalsideradio.net from 10.30pm to hear it.

We Interview ReverbNation Competition Winner Si Genaro

For those people that haven’t heard of you before could you tell us a little bit about yourself your story? Ok well I started doing gigs at around 17 years old; just playing harmonica with bands on the Isle of Wight. Harmonica players are generally all crazy (present company included) so I couldn’t find anyone to teach me; just taught myself. Got in my first band ‘Shapeshifter...

We interview Dan Read Chester Live Festival Coordinator

How did the festival start, what inspired you to create Chester Live? For 2 years there had been an event at Chester Racecourse called ‘Chester Rocks’. It was neither rocky or involved Chester based acts so it was of some annoyance to the live music community of the city. In 2015 the festival was not due to take place (and hasn’t taken place since) so it left a gap in the calendar. I looked at eve...

Artistic Echoes Show – Dot To Dot Special

Tonight’s Artistic Echoes Show is a Dot To Dot Festival special with music from Sundara Karma, Louis Berry, All We Are and Cassia on our #mixtape. Tune in to Canalside Radio 102.8fm or www.canalsideradio.net from 10.30pm to hear it

We Interview ReverbNation Competition Winners Grand Tradition

For those people that haven’t heard of you could you tell us a bit about the band, your story? Grand tradition came out of the drive to write intelligent pop music. It all started a couple of years ago when I decided to quit drinking for a year. I started finishing songs again for the 1st time in ages and a pre-band demo was created which got some decent traction. From that excitement I mana...

DLD brings their arena-filling rock from Mexico to the US

With 6 studio albums and jam-packed concerts in major venues and arenas in Mexico and the US, DLD is one of the most important rock bands in Mexico and are making a splash in the Latin music world in the USA. in early 2017. Founded in 2003 under another name, the band adopted the letters, DLD in 2009 after multiple hits, albums, and sold out tours on both sides of the border, including a packed ho...

Artistic Echoes Show – 30th May – Liam McClair, PROSE, The Mantells, Blissed

On this weeks Artistic Echoes show we have Liam McClair, Prose, The Mantells and Blissed on our #mixtape. Tune in to Canalside Radio 102.8fm or www.canalsideradio.net from 10.30pm tonight. https://soundcloud.com/artisticechoes/sets/artistic-echoes-mixtape-30-05

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