Watch Brands That Have Survived the Test of Time

The smart watch world has been described as a phase by many mechanical watch enthusiasts and this couldn’t be more true if you do understand the art behind horology. Some of the world’s most recognisable watch brands have tested the barriers of time and have been creating watches for over hundreds of years. Still, to this day we continue to buy watches to wear, keep and pass down as a treasurable ...[Read More]

Tips to Make Wall Decals a Part of your Dream or Passion

Whether you are a fan of Ireland’s Football team, Game of Thrones or Superheroes; wall decals can be used to display your passion with style.  Wall decals are designs which are made especially for your house; indoor or outdoor and can be used instead of colour to transform your living space. They are designed with such precaution and care that they last practically forever in the indoors and at le...[Read More]

How French Men Dress

It is well-known that Parisians generally have a better fashion sense than the rest of the world, and that they take their clothes seriously. No slacking off when it comes to dressing up to go out. So when going for a vacation to Paris, what do you pack and what do you leave out? There is no doubt that finding the right clothes for any occasion is a dilemma for women, and when it comes to vacation...[Read More]

KD Designs

I made the fortunate discovery of fashion designer Kirsty Druce and her brand ‘KD Designs’ on Instagram. KD Designs is a fashion company, based in Edinburgh that stocks a range of handmade items; from t-shirts, to flower crowns and even jewelry items. Eighteen year old Kirsty says, ‘My designs are inspired by a variety of things, from tattoos to wallpaper samples. Most pieces hav...[Read More]

Welcome to LaunchPad- a branch of Artistic Echoes

This is the first article of many featuring a range of unknown, alternative fashion and jewellery labels, set up by young people all over the country. Here at LaunchPad we aim to give new labels their moment in the spotlight, and also to give all readers the opportunity to find new companies to purchase clothes and accessories from. It’s easy to get caught up in the “high-street hype&#...[Read More]

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