A Brief History Of The Guitar Effects Pedal

Guitar effects pedals have been around for quite some time now. Guitarists have been experimenting with their sound since the invention of the instrument, of course, and as soon as the electric guitar was invented the possibilities for creating effects expanded massively. If you are looking for a particular sound, it’s worth remembering that even today almost all guitar effects are based on a few ...[Read More]

Jefferson Coker: His Story Will Inspire You, His Music Will Ignite You

Look up the word “resilience” on Wikipedia and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a photo of Jefferson Coker in the definition. Born in Italy to a Naval officer and his wife who were stationed there, Jefferson came into this world with a Lymphatic Cyst the size of a small watermelon attached to his face. At just nine days old, Jefferson was placed in a cargo net of a military plane and rushed to t...[Read More]

The Numbers Behind Indie Music

If you are a person that loves music, loves finding new artists and enjoys discovering new music, then read on. I’ll try to help you realize the importance of supporting the music you find; discover and enjoy. So, we’ll start with this. You stumble upon a song you like from an artist you never heard of before. You decide to check out more from that artist. You listen to a few more and hey you enjo...[Read More]

Women Of Indie

Your first instalment in a series dedicated to the most incredible female talent on the independent music scene today. BECCA AYERS Not only is NYC resident, Becca Ayers, a distinctive singer / songwriter, she’s also a brilliant Broadway actress, gifted screenplay writer and star of the 2016 film, Snuggle Buddies. Becca is brave, funny and unapologetic. Qualities that shine through any endeav...[Read More]

What is Indie music?

Often there is a misnomer regarding what many people think of when they hear the term Indie music. Some tend to think of Indie music like it’s a genre or style of music to be compared to Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk etc. That is not the case. In fact Indie music is music produced independent of a record label. The artist themselves produce the music and finance the production. Typically it&#...[Read More]

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