Music Friday Live! / Music Fusion LA – Artists of the Year

It has been another fantastic year of musical discovery here at Artistic Echoes, covering Artists from all over the globe. With so many interviews, podcasts, reviews and mixtapes it is a struggle to narrow it down to just a few favourite artists of the year. So we have decided to do things a little differently each of our regular writers will be giving out there own special awards and to kick thin...[Read More]

La/La Land : Producer Eugene Toale tours us through BedrockLA studios and the magic art of making music.

No one really knows how many recording studios or record producers operate in Los Angeles. The Southern California studio list of The Music Connection Directory of Music runs for 6 pages of small type.  Many are very famous with walls full of gold and platinum records; others are rented spaces with foam sound proofing and a computer and microphone.  But one studio that is unique for its history, v...[Read More]

La La Land: Flying (literally) with a Gothic Rocker

Recently I had Christopher Sluka on my radio show, the  founder and lead guitarist of the Gothic influenced hard rock dance music band SLUKA, his song “Number One”  from the most recent album Colorful Radiations just hit #13 on the rock charts.  I had a great time talking with him about his past performing in the New York Club scene with artists like Tears For Fears, INXS, and Simple M...[Read More]

Mental healing in a Hollywood speakeasy with ARI.

The Dirty Laundry is a speakeasy in East Hollywood where you can occasionally bump into a celebrity and often see people you kinda’ remember from a movie or TV show. You find it – with some difficulty – in the basement of an unassuming apartment complex just off Hollywood Blvd.  In order to get in you have to push the correct buzzer on the wall (the answer is on @DirtyLaundryBar) and descend the p...[Read More]

Discover Indie Music – Part 1

I’ve done three previous articles for Artistic Echoes that all relate to Indie Music. In the articles, I discuss the importance of supporting the Indie music artists that you discover and enjoy. In this article, I’m going to do just that! I’m sharing specific songs from artists that I’ve discovered and my favorite songs of theirs. I have put together a play list on Apple Music and Spotify. I’ve Na...[Read More]

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