Women Of Indie

Your first instalment in a series dedicated to the most incredible female talent on the independent music scene today. BECCA AYERS Not only is NYC resident, Becca Ayers, a distinctive singer / songwriter, she’s also a brilliant Broadway actress, gifted screenplay writer and star of the 2016 film, Snuggle Buddies. Becca is brave, funny and unapologetic. Qualities that shine through any endeav...[Read More]

What is Indie music?

Often there is a misnomer regarding what many people think of when they hear the term Indie music. Some tend to think of Indie music like it’s a genre or style of music to be compared to Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk etc. That is not the case. In fact Indie music is music produced independent of a record label. The artist themselves produce the music and finance the production. Typically it&#...[Read More]

Kim Carney – Welcome to the independent music revolution!

As I walked through the saloon-style doors, the beat of drums & bass reverberated through my feet and up my spine. License plates representing most every state in America covered the rustic wood walls. Women’s braziers of every size & color hung from the ceiling like party streamers. Although Evergreen, Colorado is considered a “sleepy little mountain town”, this little bar is anything but...[Read More]

We interview John Robb – Punk, Writer, Festival Curator

We recently caught up with John Robb who is the boss of one of the UK’s leading music and culture websites, Louder Than War, which has just been turned into a bi-monthly magazine. John fronts the critically acclaimed post punk band The Membranes whose 2015 double album about the Universe, life and death’Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ has been getting great reviews worldwide. He also runs the UK’s leadin...[Read More]

Festivals 101: The Must See Music Festivals That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Music is a part of life and a part of many cultures. Across the years, music has played a major part in the world and has brought with it some amazing festivals that people can enjoy. If you’re a music enthusiast and you love visiting music festivals, then this expert guide will give you the top must see music festivals that should be on your bucket list. Let’s get started! Music Festivals You Mus...[Read More]

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