Five Different Types of Written Music

Even though a musician knows a thousand tunes, they should possess good charts so that their songs can be played the way they wish. A musician has the responsibility of correctly using the written music type available. They can either be simple or complex depending on the music style and gig. Cover tunes can be learned traditionally from the recordings while choral and classical music is found in ...[Read More]

An incredible four day press junket for #PSTinLA

(Santa Monica) Have you ever been on a press junket?  Probably not unless you are a reporter or broadcaster or editor. As a writer I go on press junkets, which in the music biz are often fairly tame –  muffins and coffee in the morning, interviews and photo ops with a sleepy band, and distribution of press passes for an upcoming concert.  This Tuesday was not like that;  I was at the mother of all...[Read More]

Navigating Opportunities – The Indie Artist

I’ve done two previous articles for Artistic Echoes that both relate to Indie Music. This article essentially is the third of what now appears to a series that continues the trend to provide some insights into challenges that an indie artist can run up against. I will detail a couple of situations or opportunities that highlight the caution signs that an Indie artist should be very cognizant of. T...[Read More]

LA’s Latino Fusion Revolution is coming your way.

LA is is the second largest Spanish-speaking city in the world — Mexico City being the first. Not surprising, since Los Angeles used to be Mexico, as did Texas and much of the Southwest.  The Treaty of Gudalupe Hidalgo in 1848  ended the Mexican-American war and made Alta California just plain old California. While government and sovereignty changed, the Mexican families  living in Californi...[Read More]

The Effects and Pedals Used By 9 Guitar Heroes

Every guitarist has a guitar hero – someone whose style, sound, and technique are a constant source of inspiration. Whilst I can’t help you play like Jimi Hendrix, for that you are going to have to practise, it’s worth remembering that a lot of these guys had some help from the effects pedals they used. Effects pedals, of course, come in a huge range of variants, and ultimately you should experime...[Read More]

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