Festivals 101: The Must See Music Festivals That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Music is a part of life and a part of many cultures. Across the years, music has played a major part in the world and has brought with it some amazing festivals that people can enjoy. If you’re a music enthusiast and you love visiting music festivals, then this expert guide will give you the top must see music festivals that should be on your bucket list. Let’s get started! Music Festivals You Mus...[Read More]

One Mama’s experiences living and parenting with PTSD

For those people that have not heard of you before could you tell us a bit about yourself your story? Yes, thank you for asking. I am a writer from the Pacific Northwest. I have been writing since, really, forever. Even before I could write I would tell stories with my dolls or favorite Disney characters, and then when I was five years old one of my aunts taught me how to write poetry so that I wo...[Read More]

10 Welsh bands that totally rocked the world

What do we normally think about when asked about the Welsh music? Wales is traditionally referred to as “the land of song,” and music is a significant part of the Welsh cultural identity. Yet, Wales is by far not considered as one of the world’s music hubs. This is largely due to the fact that Welsh music and showbiz are largely integrated into the Anglo-Saxon culture. Often we don’t k...[Read More]

Irene Diaz’s first show of the year: new band, new songs and much, much love

(Los Angeles) LA’s Queen of Love Songs, Irene Diaz, came back from touring and recording in Mexico with a new band, a fistful of new songs and a new musical attitude that filled the HiHat club in Highland park with wall-to-wall adoring fans. This was her first performance of the new year; she has been recording in Mexico City with Carla Morrison and producers Jando and Nyote, so there was a pent u...[Read More]

La La Land – Emblazoned with more stars than Andromeda

A performance that captivated critics as it premiered at festivals across the globe last year, “La La Land” finally tap-danced its way into British cinemas on the 13th of January. With a fierce US fanbase singing its praises and promos emblazoned with more stars than Andromeda, this film stands firmly in the tracks of the Hype Train. But is La La Land nimble enough to jump aboard and ride into the...[Read More]

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