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The Echo – A dedicated unsigned music player

Here at Artistic Echoes we get sent a tonne of outstanding music each week from a whole variety of talented artists and unfortunately there are only so many artists we can interview, review and feature on our mixtape. So we have decided to launch The Echo a dedicated unsigned and new music player that will feature all the artists we get sent each week and will enable you to listen to some of the m...[Read More]

From my inbox – “What should musicians do to stand out?”

As a music blogger I get thousands of emails from bands each week asking to be featured on Artistic Echoes, it’s easy for music bloggers to get drowned in the sheer number of emails that they get sent at times it feels like there is no end in sight. So what should musicians do to stand out? to be honest it all comes down to luck your email ends up on the top of the pile and whether you get a...[Read More]

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