3 Cool Gaming Headsets You Should Consider for 2017

When we’re gaming, it’s the only thing that we focus on. We zero in on the task at hand and let the game take over. It’s an immersive experience that allows us to explore new worlds, either with friends or alone. However, the wrong headset can ruin this experience. There is nothing worse than echoes and tinny sounds when you are trying to enjoy the in-game music or play with friends. As easily as ...[Read More]

Top 7 gaming laptops in 2017

There is no doubt that with the advancement in the field of technology, the games have also become quite advanced and hi-tech. Nowadays, the games are made using heavy graphics and they also provide the ability to make customisation in the clutter density, gaming environment, shadows, and texture. If I had to talk particularly about the graphics, then I would say that they are dynamic in nature an...[Read More]

Top 10 Playstation 4 Games You Can Buy Right Now

Inside Topping the list is ‘Inside’. If you really liked Playdead’s Limbo and wanted a game that you can finish it off in one sitting, then this is it. The game has a framework of a 2D puzzle-platformer and squeezes it for three hours worth with some striking surprises. Well, it is worth mentioning that the surprises are absorbing, horrifying, and brilliantly constructed and rightly paced. Without...[Read More]

Indie Horror for Halloween

It’s been a horrific year for horror games. Silent Hill is no more, following Konami’s very public exit from video game development, an incident that pushed Guillermo del Toro out of the industry forever; Resident Evil 7 won’t be out until 2017, and Allison Road, a spiritual successor to del Toro’s PT, was cancelled (and un-cancelled) in the space of two months. However, the indie horror scene is ...[Read More]

Top 6 Amazing Games to Play on Your PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR headset was launched together with a huge lineup of games. The aim was to have a huge shift in the way video games are played and a massive virtual reality revolution. The headset is comfortable and usable when you are wearing glasses. The PlayStation VR Headsets are available at a cost of £349.99. Various launch bundles offer you the headset; two Move Controllers, PlayStation C...[Read More]

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