We Interview ReverbNation Competition Winner Si Genaro

For those people that haven’t heard of you before could you tell us a little bit about yourself your story? Ok well I started doing gigs at around 17 years old; just playing harmonica with bands on the Isle of Wight. Harmonica players are generally all crazy (present company included) so I couldn’t find anyone to teach me; just taught myself. Got in my first band ‘Shapeshifter...[Read More]

We Interview ReverbNation Competition Winners Grand Tradition

For those people that haven’t heard of you could you tell us a bit about the band, your story? Grand tradition came out of the drive to write intelligent pop music. It all started a couple of years ago when I decided to quit drinking for a year. I started finishing songs again for the 1st time in ages and a pre-band demo was created which got some decent traction. From that excitement I mana...[Read More]

Flora Cash talks about their new album – a glowing world of melancholy music

(Los Angeles)  Flora Cash is a duo composed of Minnesotan Cole Randall and Swede Shpresa Lleshaj, now based in Stockholm, Sweden. In their latest album, Nothing Lasts Forever (And It’s Fine), they have distilled feelings from their own love story into notes, lyrics and emotions that are an adventure into a misty world of melancholy without sadness.  They met on Soundcloud in early 2012 and by the ...[Read More]

We interview John Robb – Punk, Writer, Festival Curator

We recently caught up with John Robb who is the boss of one of the UK’s leading music and culture websites, Louder Than War, which has just been turned into a bi-monthly magazine. John fronts the critically acclaimed post punk band The Membranes whose 2015 double album about the Universe, life and death’Dark Matter/Dark Energy’ has been getting great reviews worldwide. He also runs the UK’s leadin...[Read More]

SWIRL roars back with a new album : an interview with Duane “DT” Jones

(Los Angeles) Hard rock often gets a bad rap.  The distorted guitars, pounding drums, campy visuals, screamed lyrics can all distract  people from the reason hard rock is so popular: it has important things to say. Great hard rock bands know how to marshal words, notes, rhythms, technology, and vocals to deliver a message.  SWIRL is such a band. Their message is clear – choose your path, stand up ...[Read More]

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