PST LA/LA concert at the Hollywood Bowl – three headliners, one message: Latin pride.

(Hollywood) Las familias lined up early at the entrance gates to the Hollywood Bowl Sunday night. Padres, madres, niños and niñas, abuellos and abuelas and many, many amigos and amigas.  Some carried picnic baskets and cold chests, some carried delicious smelling shopping bags, others were planning their orders of gourmet dinners and wine from the roving waiters inside. The air was filled with exc...[Read More]

Irene Diaz’s first show of the year: new band, new songs and much, much love

(Los Angeles) LA’s Queen of Love Songs, Irene Diaz, came back from touring and recording in Mexico with a new band, a fistful of new songs and a new musical attitude that filled the HiHat club in Highland park with wall-to-wall adoring fans. This was her first performance of the new year; she has been recording in Mexico City with Carla Morrison and producers Jando and Nyote, so there was a pent u...[Read More]

Ricky Lov kicks off the Living Gypset music series at Gibson Showcase in Beverly Hills

(Beverly Hills) Powerhouse Latin fusion music promoter Julieta Isela of The Living Sessions teamed up with Gypset Magazine publisher Diana Carolina last week to launch a dynamite music series, kicked off by LA-based Latin heart throb Ricky Lov  at the Gibson Guitar Showcase room. Performing before a packed and mostly Spanish-speaking audience, Lov previewed  his new single, Hershey and then rocked...[Read More]

Eric Zayne’s new single release party road tests songs for 2017.

(Beverly Hills) By his own count Eric Zayne wrote 150 songs last year, but released only one.  That is about  to  change.  This week he let loose the first new song of 2017,  “I Lost Your Fire”, at a single release party held in the Alchemy Castle artist’s residence in Beverly Hills.  Zayne, accompanied by guitarist/celloist Nick Rosen, drummer Sterling Laws and backup singer Dani Nicole, previewe...[Read More]

Dessy DiLauro and Parlor Social: best live club performance in LA or possibly the nation

In a world where both audiences and musicians think nothing of showing up at a club in ragged cutoffs and old t-shirts (I actually saw a major British pop singer introduce herself for the first time to LA audiences wearing exactly that)  it was refreshing and exciting to experience Dessy DiLauro and her Parlor Social concert at Sayers Club Thursday night.  With an attention to detail in both music...[Read More]

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