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Teachers by day, rockers by night: No Small Children. And Paradise Kings

While the music industry most often focuses on “the next big thing” band playing in the downtown glam stages in LA and New York or London and showcased by the labels and agencies, there is a world of superb bands playing covers and original songs in local clubs outside of the big city lights who are as good as any band-of- the-week, but laid back and far more resilient. One such band is Santa  Bar...[Read More]

Music’s history & future. Sandy Skeeter on rebooting Sound City. Plus Adam Road

Sandy Skeeter, Sound City Studios. For nearly 50 years, Sound City Studios has been the place where superstars were made and recorded.  Founded in 1969, SCS kicked off with recordings by Neil Young, Dr. John, and the James Gang, but it still struggled. Then in 1973 Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks came in to record, met a drummer there by the name of Mick Fleetwood, and the rest is history.  Fo...[Read More]

Militia Vox and Ammoye. Wow! funk, metal, mystery & magic from two music queens

Militia Vox , aka the Dark Diva and the Black Queen of Metal, is ferocious, badass, loud,  honest, existential, hardworking and beautiful.  A multimedia genius in film, music, concert production, film soundtracks and television she delivers a message of power, confidence, rebellion A classically trained pianist since the age of 7, MilitiaV grew up to become the central figure in bands including Ju...[Read More]

Kris Angelis: a prize winer with adoring fans. And indie rockers Island Apollo

Kris Angelis is on a roll.  She was awarded Best Female EP in the 2016 LA Music Critics Awards for her newest EP, Heartbreak is Contagious. A single from the album was featured on Relix Magazine‘s first ever “Women Who Rock” sampler CD in their September/October 2016 issue.  Her music can be heard throughout Season 2 of AwesomenessTV’s show Guidance. She landed an official ...[Read More]

Queen Bee BINX new song “Headlights”. Leigh Ann Hahn and Grand Perfomances

The African Bee” BINX is an Avant-Garde Pop South African musician/model living in New York.  BINX  been singing and writing music since she was a little gir and her late father encouraged her to take her music career to New York.  He was right – she released  her debut EP to great acclaim for her sound and style  that echo pop icons and rebels such as Lady Gaga and David Bowie. Her song, &#...[Read More]

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