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The Rocketz. East LA-based punk rockabilly. Who knew?

The East LA-based power trio, The Rocketz, are a blend of high energy rockabilly and punk rock. Founded with the late Mexican-American drummer Andrew Martinez (March 11, 1983 – January 11, 2009), better known as Andy DeMize,  the band now consists of Gretsch Artist and front man, Tony Red-Horse, Nick “Chango” Anchondo on upright bass, and Anthony Drinkwater on the drums.  The Rocketz  have been to...[Read More]

Cinco Santos. excitment!!

Cinco Santos came together as a complete band in 2009 after a two-year gestation period to shape their own Latin genre that fuses the revamped sounds from Latin rock, pop, and gypsy guitar, with urban Latin beats. This fusion of urban Latin styles, created a sound is as original as the band members themselves thanks to the  differences in their backgrounds. Each of them came to Los Angeles from di...[Read More]

Latin Rock from Los Hollywood: a band on the rise

The best word to describe Los Hollywood is excitement!  Lead singer and bassist Heidy Flores joined with drummer Gustavo Mojica and guitarist Mark Mondragon to create Los Hollywood, a SoCal-based band whose Latin rock in English and Spanish is as infectious as it is joyful. Their debut  EP Los Hollywood, produced by the multiple Grammy Award winning Thom Russo, fuses Latin rhythms with British pop...[Read More]

La Victoria. All-girl trio plays Mariachi for a new generation

La Victoria is an all-female Mariachi group, composed of Vaneza Marie Calderón, Mary Alfaro Velasco and Rosalie Rodriguez. The trio takes a very respectful contemporary approach to traditional Mariachi. They write music that engage audiences with the lively joy of traditional Mariachi but which is uniquely modern and uniquely theirs.  The band’s goal is to keep the traditional Mariachi songs alive...[Read More]

Angélica Rahe: Flamenco fire from a Double Platinum artist

Angélica Rahe combines soulful, soaring vocals, a fiery Spanish guitar, and bilingual compositions that mix her Spanish gypsy roots with American Pop and Soul. She is a Double Platinum songwriter who truly embodies what it means to be a “world artist.” Having grown up traveling the world, from a young age she was able to capture how powerful music was in unifying people from all walks of life. Ang...[Read More]

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