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DLD brings their arena-filling rock from Mexico to the US

With 6 studio albums and jam-packed concerts in major venues and arenas in Mexico and the US, DLD is one of the most important rock bands in Mexico and are making a splash in the Latin music world in the USA. in early 2017. Founded in 2003 under another name, the band adopted the letters, DLD in 2009 after multiple hits, albums, and sold out tours on both sides of the border, including a packed ho...[Read More]

Cesar Castro: Chicano rock pioneer, founder Cambalache, son jarocho master

Cesar Castro founded the Son Jorocho band Cambalache in 2009 in East LA with Xochi Flores, Chuy Sandoval and Juan Perez. Long before, as a child Castro began studying Son Jarocho, the musical culture of the Veracruz region of Mexico shaped by African and Spanish influences and the fandango celebration.  At age 16 he joined the renowned Son Jorocho band El Grupo Mono Blanco and travelled through Me...[Read More]

A. CHAL. Mix Peru and LA and get R&B like you have never heard it before.

Alejandro Chal (better known by his stage name A.CHAL) is a Peruvian R&B and Hip Hop  singer-songwriter and producer.  He was born in Peru and lived there for 4 years before his family moved to Queens, New York. Chal began rapping at age 12 and started making beats with a friend at the Boys & Girls Club soon after. In 2010, Chal moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a songwriter and p...[Read More]

Omar Velasco joins us Wednesday to preview songs from his forthcoming album

Omar Velasco is the child of a Chicago Jew turned Huichol Shaman and a Mexican hippie who met at an ashram in Santa Monica.  He started playing music as soon as he can remember, but didn’t decide on a music career until he was 18 years old.  He toured with the Band A Fine Frenzy and later with Jonathon Wilson, bringing his superb guitar skills to bear on songs that range in language and genre.  He...[Read More]

Psychedelic jazz from San Bernadino. Brainstory joins us

Brainstory is a power trio hailing from the dusty fields of San Bernardino California  that pairs jazz, psychedelia, and soul to create a unique sound that is a vehicle for musical and spiritual expansion. The band consists of Martin brothers Kevin (guitar, vocals) and Tony (bass,vocals) with Eric Hagstrom on drums. All three were musically spawned from their fathers: Tony and Kevin grew up listen...[Read More]

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