The Rocketz. East LA-based punk rockabilly. Who knew?

The East LA-based power trio, The Rocketz, are a blend of high energy rockabilly and punk rock. Founded with the late Mexican-American drummer Andrew Martinez (March 11, 1983 – January 11, 2009), better known as Andy DeMize,  the band now consists of Gretsch Artist and front man, Tony Red-Horse, Nick “Chango” Anchondo on upright bass, and Anthony Drinkwater on the drums.  The Rocketz  have been to...[Read More]

Picked up guitars as teens and never stopped: Natalie Gelman & Shelby Lanterman

Shelby Lanterman is a singer-songwriter from Napa, CA, who was exposed to all forms of  music – rock & roll,  pop, blues, Americana —  by her parents practically from the day she was born. So it is not surprising that, at the age of 12 she picked up the guitar, learned Garage Band, and started playing her own shows, and at 16 was writing and singing her own songs.  There was no sto...[Read More]

Cinco Santos. excitment!!

Cinco Santos came together as a complete band in 2009 after a two-year gestation period to shape their own Latin genre that fuses the revamped sounds from Latin rock, pop, and gypsy guitar, with urban Latin beats. This fusion of urban Latin styles, created a sound is as original as the band members themselves thanks to the  differences in their backgrounds. Each of them came to Los Angeles from di...[Read More]

Hot San Jorocho rock and cool Russian pop. Las Cafeteras and Ksenia

Born in the streets of Los Angeles, Las Cafeteras are children of immigrants who are remixing roots music and telling modern day stories with eclectic instruments, including jarana’s, requinto, a donkey jawbone, a West African bass instrument called the Marimbol, cajón, and a wooden platform called the Tarima used to dance Zapateado. Las Cafeteras formed as a band in 2008  to document the historie...[Read More]

New York Americana and Swiss Alps soul: the music of Bellehouse & Indiana Grace.

Bellehouse was formed in 2013 and currently is based in Brooklyn, performing as a indie Americana band that is between down-home roots music and intellectual folk-rock. Bellehouse delivers a sound that embraces a variety of genres — from Celtic traditional and folk revival to soul and Motown and a bit of rock. The group includes  Sarah Elizabeth Haines (viola, voice),Jess Taylor Clinton (vocals, g...[Read More]

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