Featured Artists


For the first in our series of featured artists I wanted to celebrate the artists that were involved with the Music Lowdown, a show I previously had the pleasure of running on Canalside’s The Thread 102.8FM here are a selection of some of the fantastic musicians I had the pleasure of working with.

The Christophers – Plans

Dear America – Wearing Thin

Purge – Machete

Moose Patrol – Banshee

GeorGIA Stanway – The Journey

Steve Delight – T Bone Shuffle

Foe – A Handsome Stranger Called Death

Candidate 23 – Stay Awake

Jeramiah Ferrari – Mindless Riots

The Jar Family – Poolie Strut

Vintage Man – Douglas Francis

Matthew Turner – The Alan Davies Song

Sarah De Warren – I Dared

Jake Morely – Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

Tri Random – Official Addict

Velocets – Sophie

The Ordinary – Jealousy

Hot Vestry – Commiserations

Yassassin – Birthday

Sword In Air – Emily

Leopards – Home

Shoshin – Here Comes My Favourite

Rough Twist – Standby

Freedom Of The City – Friday

Kids With Machetes – Not Here To Make Friends

Butterfly Jam – WAG

Gabby Henshaw – Playing With Fire

The Centrals – Disenchanted

The Words – Demons

The Cape Race – There Young There In Love

CC Smugglers – The London Adventure

Ashley Fayth – Peanut Butter

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