Becoming YouTube Episode 11: The War Of The Word

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youtube highlightsThis is the 11th episode in the ‘weekly’ documentary series that has been exploring the world of YouTube from what makes a YouTuber to how can it change the world. Created by Benjamin Cook aka ninebrassmonkeys, the series has really examined the community of YouTube and its changing place in social media and our own lives. This video kind of extends from the last video as it explores the use of the word when issues such as Syria are discussed.

Using the Syria crisis as a case study, the film explores how it’s portrayal in the media is used to help people be aware of the situation faced by the refugees in the camps and settlements in other countries like Jordan. It gives the refugees a voice, which highlights both the horrors they faced in Syria and in the present and the hope and attempts by humanities to improve their lives.

It raises an interesting question of whether we are becoming desensitised to these situations. This is because of how much we are exposed to bad experiences and situations through the advancement of social media and growth of charity videos. But I think that it is a part of human insect for us to help those in need and this video shows how you connect to an audience by the balancing of the portrayal of hope and horror alongside each other rather than one or the other.

Often the victims of these tragedies become just statistics or an image, but the projects like the journalism one mentioned in the video allows for the voices of the people to be heard. Finally, as Ben summaries, sometimes we can only listen if we can’t afford to give, as these people do want to be heard. Details on Syria and how you can donate are mentioned in the description of the video.


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