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Here we will feature poets and poetry events. Eventually there will be a listing of all the poetry events, competitions, writers groups that we can find but for now I though that I would post one of my own:


The characters patrolled his mind they were confined, in a tiny area, like animals in a zoo they longed to roam free.

They remembered a time long ago when they were occasionally allowed to roam free, to cross into the word and live ‘Play Time’ an age before the rules and the barriers that had become enforced and slowly, gradually constricted, tighter and tighter until one slight jolt might cause an explosion.

Now they were released in liquid form, confined into 26 set shapes but somehow all the more dangerous for they could changed and they could alter and spread into the world.

The character were then given a voice, they reverberated around the room, soaring majestically about, this is how it truly felt to be free.

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