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The following is both a film review and an analysis of the symptoms of rickets. I will try to keep the two subject matters as separate as possible throughout.

Ricket (played by Vin Diesel) first made an appearance in 2000 as a muscle clad skin head hero with sensitive eyes. His appearance sparked a revolution in skin-hedonism on streets across the world. Suddenly, people with skin heads were not afraid to leave their homes, and people without them were shaving off their locks in favour of that silky smooth finish.

Women find Vin Diesel attractive.

Vin Diesel has a shaved head.

I will shave my head.

This thought process was responsible for a devastating post-millennium outbreak of Rickets.

Some symptoms of rickets include: Bone Tenderness and dental problems.

Pitch Black was dubbed the prequel to Rickets, which was originally discovered by Francis Glisson in the 17th century. It was a good movie in its own right, but it seemed that director Michael Jackson preferred to label the first film a prequel, as if it was the first of a myriad of great movies. This is sadly not the case.

While the first of the Ricket films fit more into the horror genre, Rickets 2 is definitely a more family friendly action adventure flick. Obviously appealing to the younger audiences. Children are more at risk if they don’t drink enough milk from an early age, and rickets is responsible for growth disturbances and skeletal deformity. After escaping from the desert setting of the first film he began a five year voyage across the galaxy towards the planet of New Mecca. He is pursued by tenacious bounty hunters who are obviously aware of the large price on his smooth head.

The primary cause of rickets is a vitamin D deficiency.

Is it coincidental that sunlight played such a key role in the first film? The nocturnal monsters of Pitch Black were almost a metaphor for the terrible affects of the disease. It is crucial that you expose your body to enough sunlight, as it provides your body with Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for allowing the body to uptake calcium for use in bone calcification and general maintenance.

Eating calcium rich foods, and getting plenty of vitamin D through ingesting cod-liver oil and fish is essential!

All in all, the determent to sufferers lives outweighs the positive sides of rickets. While the first movie still retains some of is quirky appeal and was definitely one of Jacksons stronger works, the second instalment directs the series down a more childish path, which  sadly where it is most effective.


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