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Hello again, it’s been another busy couple of weeks in the Artistic Echoes offices and long may it continue. I have a whole bundle of stuff to tell you about this Friday is the start of the Music Lowdown Sessions at the Swan With Two Necks in Macclesfield, each week we will be featuring three live performances at the venue from unsigned bands across the North- West and if they don’t mind the trip the UK. We are planning to film the sessions so keep an eye on our YouTube channel, we will display photos of the sessions both here and on Facebook, also the recordings will make up part of the Music Lowdown Show and we will also put the whole sets online for your listening pleasure.

A geek speaksWe have had a few new columns recently A Geek Speaks where Izaak Stoakes keeps you up to date on all things geeky; check out his doctor who article. Play, Rewind has had it’s first article in which Lizzy Trafford explores the meaning behind the Manics and WWPRD (What Would Paul Ross Do we’ll explain in later blog) reviews The Monuments Men.

This week saw the launch of Headlander Festival Battle Of the Bands which we are happy to be organising along with Edge Recording Studios and Sennheiser. It offers bands the chance to win a slot on the main stage at Headlander Festival along with Stooshe, Nine Black Alps, The Mend, The Rainband and of course and many more. Plus tons of great prizes including the Sennheiser 900 band mic setup, £250 of music vouchers, a HD music video of your performance.
Finally I would like to end with our new feature of the blog, meet the author, each week (or well couple of weeks, sometimes the blog completely slips my mind) I will introduce you to one of our authors without whom this site wouldn’t exist, so the first member of our team I would like you to meet is David Jackson.

youtube play button“Hi! Well I’m David and I write the YouTube Highlight articles. I’m 21, a university graduate having studied Drama & History at Liverpool Hope University and graduated in July 2013. Originally born in York and now living in Liverpool, I am currently working at the university as an intern for 3 months as part of a theatre company that is taking workshops into schools, promoting new writing and putting on other fun events.
My interests include acting, writing, radio and YouTube. I hope that acting will be what I do for the rest of my life and would be good if I could do that along with writing and something in radio. In terms of YouTube, I have my own account, DJWhovian, which I’m trying to grow with my videos of vlogs and visualised editions of my radio show from university. The reason I really like and write about YouTube videos is because of the variety that it presents from the silly to the serious, giving new and upcoming filmmakers and actors their chance to shine, and the sense of community that lies at its heart.”

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