Longevity Records Last Band Standing Heat 1


A few weeks ago we were down at Longevity Records Last Band Standing heat 1, four bands performed on the night and we recorded interviews with each of them. Three of the bands were competing for the chance to make the final at Manchester Club Academy and the chance to win some fantastic prizes including a recording of a single, a video and interview package for you-tube/social media, a professional photo-shoot and branding session and the release of their single on the Longevity Records Label.

The clear winner of the first heat was Luna Marada an original grunge, funk, rock, & psychedelia band from Manchester they stood out with their unique sound and excellent crowd interaction, you could tell that they had a loyal following at the event and the atmosphere was electric. Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to interview them but you can listen to their full set below.

Runners up were Jela, who although they didn’t bring a crowd of their own they won over the venue on the night. There are three runners up from each heat, with one going through to the final and so far I think that Jela are in with a shot, although if they do make it to the final they will have to bring some support but with a performance like this they shouldn’t struggle to. Check out there interview below.

The final band competing on the night was Anarchy Allstars, they were a decent band with some solid musicians but didn’t really stand out and didn’t do enough to vary from the standard pop punk template that you can hear at many a gig night around the country. Saying that though they are a young band and will surely develop their own style in the years to come.

Finally we have Celestial Cell a last minute addition to the roster, they have some interesting ideas and it was a fun interview but it’s not the best recording of the singer, maybe he was loosing his voice or something so I’ll reserve judgement till I see them again

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