Becoming YouTube: Video 12 – Everything Changes

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youtube highlightsSo here it is, the last episode of Becoming YouTube, the hit internet documentary series by Benjamin Cook that has examined, foretold and satirised the world of YouTube.

It acts as a good summary to the overall series, by using the usual combination of humorous sketches and insightful opinions from famous YouTubers. It explores how during this ‘weekly’ series, that has ended up being released over a year and a bit, has seen the format of YouTube itself change a lot. I like how it constructs a YouTube version of heaven and hell and really adds to the comedy of the video.

I enjoyed it so much, with spoofs of my favourite TV shows, a famous voice cameo, the inspirational speech that reflects the same one from the first episode and the announcement at the end of the video. It also reflects to previous episode through references in the first scene and a collection of outtakes from sketches in other episodes.

I think the series as a whole has really been an important thing to inspire, educate and help people who are either on YouTube or not and how the vastness of it now is creating a really big impact on a modern generation.

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