Heat 3, Bez for Parliament and See Emily Play

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Heat 3, the final heat of last band standing was on Thursday the 20th. A great night at The Roadhouse where all the bands were fantastic – it may be the best heat of them all. First on were The God Complex, head-banging their way around stage like they owned it. Next were The Carvettis (recently renamed from Empire) with their sweet sounding indie riffs. On third were The Call, crunching tones and roaring vocals but still smooth and then finally Vedanna with an electric performance and described by Rik with an essence of Pearl Jam. Well done to all.

Congratulations to the winners, the fantastic Vedanna, who will now go through to the final on the 12th of April at Club Academy, Manchester. The runners up on the night were The Call, they will now be part of the online poll for the two wildcards (other bands include Jela/The God Complex/ Anarchy Allstars/ Florin/ Bi:Lingual and The Carvettis) – good luck lads!

Thanks to Lee Crawford who came down again to do the photography and also everyone from Channel MBC who did the interviews. Our online poll for the two wildcards is open on our website now, choose your favourite out of 7 bands to go through to the final at Club Academy Manchester…  the voting closes at 1pm on the 28th so get your votes in now! http://longevityrecords.co.uk/2014/03/25/new-voting-poll-last-band-standing-2014-2nd-chance-to-grand-final/

Some news that will brighten your day, Bez out of the happy Mondays is running for parliament in Salford. We laughed at first as well, but it turns out he’s got some good points to be fair to him. Maybe we need more people like him? Or not…

The second instalment of A-BAND-ON at The Green Room is this Thursday evening – it’s an 8pm start for a bit of something different from the Indie label brigade. Longevity Records are introducing Relay d’Verb and Phantomz this time for one night’s entertainment. Last time was great, thanks to moose patrol and sootytern. In other news, on the 14th Rawcuss with support from sootytern played at the swan with two necks in Macclesfield. Watch out for sootytern’s new EP coming soon!

See Emily Play, a musician/band that you really shouldn’t miss is playing at the Dulcimer Bar in chorlton on Thursday. If you do/did(?) manage to get down, well done you. If you didn’t…you should of.

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