Cameron on ‘hot’ issues in today’s politics; controversy expected

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Echo ChamberAs I write this, the debate between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg on the EU membership of the UK has just ended, and the news are discussing the results, what this means for British politics and the actual importance of the issue.

But Cameron isn’t distracting himself with what some have called a ‘sideshow’, but rather is getting to the heart of the class divide in Britain. He could have stayed out of it and avoided controversy, but he had to give his opinion, for better or for worse. The issue has currently divided opinions between the middle class and the working class, with both bitterly attacking the other over who is in the right. This issue, of course, is the debate of whether Waitrose should be allowed to serve loyal customers free tea and coffee.

On one side, we have those who feel that this sort of offer would bring the ‘wrong sort’ into Waitrose, and perhaps bring down the place in terms of class. Some see this as a reasonable fear; others see it as an elitist and overly conservative attempt to segregate parts of society. The other side is for bringing in tea and coffee, as they feel it rewards those who are loyal to Waitrose. Fortunately, the prime Minister has chosen to take a very liberal stance on the issue, saying he ‘doesn’t see what the fuss is about’ when it comes to giving customers free cups of coffee. He chose to say this while standing in a Waitrose store in Cheadle, which may have been a risky move, considering the inflammatory subject. Hopefully, the intervention of a respected politician should put an end to this. There was the chance that the Office of Fair trading might sort things out, but for some unexplained reason they decided not to take action. Nevertheless, Cameron has put a stop to the superstore infighting, though he complained that thought he had shopped at Waitrose, he had yet to ‘enjoy the free coffee’. Ah, the price of leadership weighs heavy on Mr Cameron’s soul.


In other news, the Prime Minister has had a sterling performance in PMQs today as he and Mr Miliband once again traded witty comments towards each other such as ‘Dunce’ and ‘Muppet’, giving the right amount of intelligent political discourse to the subject they were discussing, the price of Royal Mail Shares. My faith in politicians may have been very low recently, but it has certainly been restored by this unexpected show of competence and vigour. With the PM showing a control of both local and national issues, I can sleep safely knowing our country is in the hands of competent politicians. Truly newsworthy stuff our Leader has been handling with, so I wouldn’t blame him if he decided to stay out of the spotlight.

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