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Artistic Echoes had the pleasure of interviewing Reverbnation Competition winners Lem and the White Fire recently

Could you tell us a little bit about Lem And White Fire for people who have not heard of the band before?

To the people who have not heard of us before! *waves* My name is Lem, I write the music with my co-songwriter Marcus and together we founded ‘Lem and the White Fire’. This project is an honest account of life, the beauty is, there are endless possibilities to what the music might mean to you. So have a listen, and hopefully you can get something out of it… I hope… 

How did the band start, how did you meet?

Marcus and I, met in a music shop I was working at in Portsmouth. Originally looking for a session singer, but he found me instead haha! In the studio we work so well as a team… and created the album (which is currently being recorded in various locations such as Metropolis and Abbey Road). The band fell into place with the contacts I had made whilst studying music at Chichester University and then KAPOW, Lem and the White Fire begun.

You have quite a unique sound, how did that originate?

When writing, Marcus has a solid stucture in his head… whilst I create the more fluffier feel to it… So we end up with a fluffy but solid structure… I have millions of influences, but am lucky to experience and get involved with live music on an organic level… I think this is so important to have in the writing process… otherwise you’ll sound like everyone else! Which I don’t mind… but I’d rather be me… otherwise I’m a fake, and the only fake thing about me is my hair colour 😉Lem with lemons

Could you tell us a little bit about your writing process?

I think I explained a little in q.3. The writing process involves mostly coffee, biscuits, sometimes cigarettes and small tantrums (when the computer says no)

What has been your most memorable moment as a band so far?

I love playing tricks on my band members 🙂 Especially when the boys are asleep… the glitter comes out! BUT on a serious note, the most memorable gigs are those when audience members come upto you at the end, and say that a particular song really meant something to them… to me, that is what it is all about yes?

What has been your favourite gig so far?

There’s been alot of favourites, and alot of lovely people we have met on the way… one of our most recent ones in Potters Bar was pretty epic! We played on a slanted stage in a pub garden and had our lovely manager Mr Judd Lander (Harmonica player to lots of A listers!) accompany us… there was good cider there to… but I seem to remember that it was a beer festival, so they probably had good beer there also.

You have a video for your track sugar plum, what was it like making that?

So this was a budget film for us.. it was different as I’d never really been ‘featured’ in a video before. I’m not very good with the camera… but Rosie the snake was pretty awesome!

 Is there a plan to make a video for the latest track?

Yes, yes and yes 🙂

Where can people find out more about you?

Meet me for a beer in the local?? UMMM… you can easily contact us via facebook/twitter that kind of thing. All of our gig updates are on our website www.lemandthewhitefire.com 🙂

Are there any plans for the summer, any big gigs or festivals?

Yes, lots of festivals! I had two festivals that came through today but I’m not allowed to announce them just yet 😉 … Sunshine festival is a pretty neato one, the lineup consists of Boney M, Showaddywaddy…. and Jimmy Mallet, and Lem and the White Fire…

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