The European Fault line and the UKIP Earthquake

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Echo ChamberRecently, with the European elections on the horizon, Nigel Farage has been louder than usual, claiming that if UKIP wins the elections, then they will ‘cause an earthquake in British Politics’.

For once I think he’s spot on, and I completely agree with him. Earthquakes are damaging, rare events that often cost the location they hit huge amounts of money, and that perfectly describes the effects of a UKIP victory. Perhaps not what Mr. Farage meant, but he set himself up for it when he started bringing national disasters into his sound bites.

On the agenda for UKIP are jobs. Particularly ‘British’ jobs, ones that UKIP think are being stolen by immigrants coming from all over the EU. “26 million people in Europe are looking for work. And whose job are they after?” one poster says. This is rather peculiar coming from a right wing party, and it’s a reoccurring hypocrisy. You would think that a right wing party would support laissez-faire, and their manifesto says so, with low taxes and such, but they seem perfectly fine with dictating who can come and acquire jobs depending on their nationality. Do they know what a free market means? While it would be convenient for British citizens, at the end of the day, our economy doesn’t, and shouldn’t give them precedent or priority simply because their British. Besides, most of the immigrants are working class people looking for low-paying jobs. I don’t hear the engineering industry complaining because the Polish are stealing their jobs. Shouldn’t we admire these people for being able to find a job in a world with ever more competition for –oh wait, they’re not English, so I suppose not.

Another advert declares that UK taxpayers are funding the ‘celebrity lifestyle’ of Eurocrats. An interesting comment, considering that Mr Farage took £2 million in EU taxpayers money to fund UKIP campaigning, which at the time he said was justified as it was for a ‘good cause’. Specifically, his cause. Even worse, this happened at a time when he was criticising MPs in Westminster over the expenses scandal. One wonders how he expects to raise money for the general election. Perhaps he’ll take council taxes? Not so much the Pot calling the Kettle black, as even the other parties haven’t indulged in such behaviour.

Nigel-Farage-leader-of-Uk-001Here’s the link to the article where I got the expenses scandle from, actually from 2009, but it has come back into the light, as hypocrisy tends to do when politicians attempt to take the moral high ground on crimes they know they’ve been guilty of.

It should be noted, that in the article, Mr Farage is rather proud of his expenses, arrogantly feeling like he has fooled the stupid EU. He says that he’s using it for a good cause, and while it may not be a duck house, it’s still not a good use of the money. If he wants to run a campaign, he can get donations, like every other party has to.

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