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cassie graves 2Artistic Echoes recently had the pleasure of interviewing Cassie Graves:
Could you tell us a little bit about yourself for those that have never heard of you before?

I’m a neo-soul pop-funk singer/songwriter from London. I’ve been played on the radio internationally, and recently I’ve been in the media, also internationally, and I’m planning a German tour in May.

 How did you get started?

When I was a kid I always ran around the house making up words to the songs I loved, and then one day, when I was about 7, somebody told my mum that I wasn’t just annoying, and that they should probably focus on the fact that I had a natural talent.

 There is so much music out there what do you do to stand out, what makes you different?

I’ve always just been true to myself, to my message of being 100% me. I used to be nicknamed “The Edgy Bitch”, because everybody thought I was in a punk band before I told them I was a solo soul singer. I think I throw everybody’s expectations a bit. But nowadays, with everything becoming more and more over-produced and processed, I’m bringing a fresh, raw perspective to the table.

 Who influences you, who inspired you to get on stage and perform?

My sister was actually my first ever influence. She used to write and sing, and she’d bring back the Jill Scott, Amel Larrieux and Eminem CDs, and together with my mum’s reggae and old school soul music love, it made me love real music, and want to give that back to everybody else.

 cassie gravesWhat has been you most memorable moment as a performer so far?

I think the most memorable moment was when I started my promotions team. Putting on my own gigs has been amazing, because I get to see everybody’s reactions first hand, and witness music becoming a truly community based thing – I know some amazing people, and sharing the stage with them is fantastic.

What plans do you have for the summer and the rest of the year?

I’m preparing to finish off my album, I have a couple of media things lined up, and I’m getting my promotions company up and running – I keep getting offered gigs all the time though, so performing is never something I can stop! And it’s what I live for.

 How do people find out more about you?

Everything can be found through my website:

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