New To The Music Lowdown – Summer Blast


shakiraSo the weekly “New To The Music Lowdown” didn’t go quite as planned, I’ve been so busy discovering new music that I could tell you 456 new bands that I absolutely adore but that would bore you to death; so here is the edited highlight reel.


1.Shakira (Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripol)

I was asked last weekend to research Shakira and the philanthropic work that she does in her home country of Columbia. That in fact has inspired the opening image, which was the google doodle to celebrate Columbian independence day in 2013. Her humanitarian work is focused on universal education and early childhood development, particularly the health, nutrition and stimulation of children who are not yet in school.

Shakira is one of Unicef’s goodwill ambassadors and has advocated for the importance of establishing political initiatives that put an end to the higher number of children without access to education. According to the international institution, UNICEF, over 120 million children around the world are without any formal education or schooling Shakira has advocated for the importance of establishing political initiatives that put an end to the higher number of children without access to education. According to the international institution, UNICEF, over 120 million children around the world are without any formal education or schooling.



 2. Elbowdrop 

Elbowdrop claim to be a five piece from Manchester but secretly they are from a little town know as Macclesfield, for some reason no one wants to admit that they live here, I can’t imagine why. Anyway they have had a busy year gigging on the Manchester circuit and I was lucky enough to catch them last Friday night at The Swan With Two Necks in their home town of Macclesfield and i have to say that

“Elbowdrop will steal your soul smash it to pieces and restore it once again all in one performance of brutal savagery, encompassing, everything that rock music is all about in one heady night of fun”

They were ably supported by two other acts well worth checking out pop.hysteria.victim and hugo kensdale.

Catch them next Wednesday supporting The Dropper’s Neck who are on their first UK tour at Retro Bar… “its gonna be heavy, loud and a ton of fun and we want you ALL to get on this one… LETS GET THA #STOMP ON…”

But while you wait Listen to their title track from their ep Satanic Annabel below


Elbowdrop Relaxing Outisde of Trackside Studio’s


3. Johnny Lucas

As soon as I saw Johnny Lucas perform on the West Holts Stage I was hooked, unfortunately not live but ah the wonders of YouTube.

“I would say that the seven “s” of Johnny Lucas are ‘smiley’, ‘upbeat’, ‘catchy’, ‘smashing’, ‘one man band’, ‘layered’ and ‘as though he is an orchestra all of his own’.”

Yes, yes, most of those aren’t “s” but you get the picture his track ‘The Best Days’ is out to buy on Monday 27th September but you can listen to it below, I’m sure he will make you smile just as much as me.

 4. Miss Jenem (Jennifer Hyman)

miss jenem musicI have now seen Miss Jenem perform several times and each has been a delight. She first came to my attention at Headlander Festival open mic competition in 2013, which she narrowly missed out on winning to another unique band blank cheque.

The track “Out Here” is particularly striking, it is layered with emotion, with a delightful rhythm

“The song 1378665_1412195725678102_1649355016_nOut Here was inspired by passing through the streets of Manchester City Centre every day on my way to and from school and witnessing the number of homeless people. The initial profits from the single went to the Big Issue Foundation, a charity for the homeless”

In her own words she describes her self as

“I’m a 15 year old singer-songwriter and musician based in Manchester. . Over the past year I have been in the final of SoundWave Music Competition performing at the 02 academy in Leeds, Teenstar area final at the RNCM, the Printworks unsigned final and recently won Key 103’s Star of Salford competition. In addition I have played at various open mic nights and events across the north west. I have just released my debut EP called Teaser including this track, ‘Out Here’, currently available in hard copy on demand. For a copy of the EP or to find out more about my music go to”

5. Ashley Fayth (Ashley Fayth Moore)

I first met Ashley Fayth at delightful little festival known as “Friends Of Mine” her voice was captivating and I soon became hooked with “Peanut Butter” quickly becoming a Music Lowdown staple.
More recently she has released an “ep” entitled ‘I am the bird’ with a unique twist. All the artwork from the “EP” would be from friends and based upon each of the title tracks verses. Inspired by this I wrote a tale entitled the 6 of birds which you can find on this very site if you search hard enough.
The ep is quite simply beautiful so sit back listen and enjoy:

6. Fight Like Apes

I’ve been addicted to this particular musical drug for some time ever since hearing the single “tie me up with jackets” on 6music.


So to see them perform live at Krakk Manchester was a particular highlight of my year. The artwork on their albums and videos is particularly striking.

7. A Higher Demise

OurHigher_demise_logo next track is “The Doctor Will See You Now” from Higher Demise sent to me on Tuesday. It is taken from the bands forthcoming EP release ‘The Doctor Will See You Now’ and is produced by Jason Wilson (You Me At Six/Ghost Of A Thousand)

“The bands consists of Charlie Serafini (vox), Terry Beckley (Guitar/Vox), Dan Pape (Guitar),Rachael Tarr (Bass) and James Farrell (Drums) the band draw upon influences such as Of Mice & Men, Bring Me The Horizon and Eyes Set To Kill.”

The track is raw and unapologetic, they speak from the heart, the drum line particularly resonates throughout it.

8. To The Moon – Piano Ending Version (Kan. R. Gao, Laura Shigihara)

This is the final track to a beautiful game entitled to the moon, a thought provoking and emotional tale.

Find the game here –

I chose this track as I noticed that the latest tale a Bird Story has a brand new trailer today, check it out below

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