LGBT YouTube React To ‘How not to react when your child tells you he’s gay video’

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youtube highlightsMy latest highlight choice comes as a consequence of another video. That video, which centres around a young guy coming out to this family as gay is very upsetting and hard thing to watch.

This video brings some of the well known LGBT youtubers together to gain their reactions to the video as you would expect they are disgusted and shocked by what they see. What’s good about this video is that it uses the video as a way to reach out to people. To show that despite that some people still even today can react so violently against homosexuality, this thankfully is increasingly in the minority.

The amount of support that has come out for the guy, Daniel, featured in the video. And hopefully this video will show people that the reaction is not acceptable. People should be allowed to be who they are. Homosexuality isn’t going to end the world. For me people shouldn’t have to even come out anymore. People should be able to fall in love without people making a big thing of what sex that person is.

For me, I came out as bisexual to some friends and family this year and they just accepted right there and then. And I suppose with this I’m kind of declaring it to the internet. So good and watch the video and even the original video if you want, just prepare yourself.


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