Jimi Goodwin and his band of merry men storm Holmfirth Picturedrome

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The fog over Holme moss  (still decorated with the TDF graff/signage) was the only thing that parted us from what was sure to be a great gig from Jimi Goodwin and his band of merry men! The venue was the characteristic Holmfirth Picture Drome which is the cross between an old cinema (because it is I guess) and a pirates gallon – it has a great feel about it. The place isn’t quite as rammed as it should be (this place is remote) but you can tell that the anticipation is building for the talent that is in town tonight.


SJ-0071-L-596x413Jimi Goodwin is best known for his time with the Doves a great band from the northwest churning out hit albums and floorfillers a plenty, he comes on stage with banter a plenty he’s up for it! With his debut solo effort, ‘Odulek’ he hasn’t disappointed …. It’s been non-stop on my speakers since it was released earlier this year. The crowd were at mercy with the first track the elemental force of ‘Terracotta Warrior’….I love that tune and it’s a great live opener!

Not only can this chap write a catchy hook and a great song, he does in an unorthodox fashion of playing the Bass/Guitar….I found myself goggleeyed trying to work out how he does it – special unique talent! The bass has been swapped for the acoustic so what’s next? Another personal favourite, ‘Oh Whiskey’ <<pass me a bourbon someone!>> the crowd are in full voice for this one and Jimi is regularly thanking them for being there and being involved. This is apparently a warm up gig for Ramsbottom Festival but has a special feel about it – just wished at least another 50 of my mates could have been there to enjoy it with us! Jake Evans treats us to mouth organ and a great bit of guitar to finish a popular song with the crowd and Jimi it seems.
The next song ‘Man v Dingo’ I love with the umpahpah intro (ask me about the synchronisation of life when you see me next)

Then on to ‘Ghost of the Empties’ which has messages inside the song which you can only understand if you really listen to the lyrics I think! ‘Panic Tree’ sent me into a spontaneous Irish jig which a few others followed but I definitely felt in a zone – ever since I heard the album I’ve wanted to see these songs performed live. The purpose of ‘Lonely At The Drop’ is immense and Jake’s solo backs it up perfectly ! The end of the main set with a couple of Doves surprises too ; )
The crowd (me included) are chanting “Jimi Jimi Jimi !” The band come back after a few minutes and Jimi announces “I think maybe we should end as we started” I wasn’t sure at first about an encore being a literal encore (I’ve not seen a band repeat songs on an encore before) but bloody hell ‘Oh Whiskey’ and ‘Terracotta Warrior’ were belted out with even more aggression that before something else was building….. Next up Jimi says he’s not sure if they should do it but they treat us to Doves great ‘Kingdom of Rust’….fantastic – the crowd backing Jimi and the band with every chorus. Paul Walsh the drummer stands up pulls out his ear phones and he’s ready to throw his sticks down….. Not Jimi G though! He wants one more…..along with an open invitation for crowd members to join him and the band on stage – up we go and the stage is moving to’ live like a River’ as a fantastic finale to a special night – search YouTube and you’ll see me grooving in front of the drums – thanks Holmfirth. Thanks Jimi.

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