That Time I Went to Leeds Fest and Saw a Load of Band (Friday)

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music lowdown logoDespite having a full day of festival activities on the Thursday; I woke up bright and early, after all this was a day that I had been looking forward to all year. There were plenty of bands to see that day but somehow I only managed three; Papa Roach, A Day to Remember, and Blink-182.
With Papa Roach I thought, “wow, okay, it’s that band, that did that Last Resort song when I was like 12.” So I eagerly stood there knowing full well I would have to watch the entire set before they played that one famous song people knew. This turned out to be one of the better decisions I made as Papa Roach surprised me with an energetic, loud set full of songs I didn’t know yet wish I did and certainly by the time, ‘Last Resort’ came round I was even more excited! So thank you very much Papa Roach for a pleasant surprise!

papa roach

Now with A Day to Remember (ADTR) this performance meant a lot to me (for fans of ADTR please spot the reference) because I had been trying to see this band for around 4 years and failed miserably every time! UNTIL NOW! I was obviously very excited to see Jeremy Mckinnon scream out the likes of ‘Downfall of us All’ and belt out ‘All I Want’ and when it happend my excitement couldn’t be contained! However it appeared to be somewhat of an anticlimax as the sound techies made the whole set far too quiet for a band of their energy and stage presence.

This however did not stop ADTR tear through an energetic set of a mixture of hits and new songs which complimented each other very well. I have to say the crowd was incredible, matching the bands energy song for song. My only complaints were it was too quiet, they didn’t play ‘Violence’, and they needed to have been given a longer set! However for me they were still one of the performances of the festival and if fans of pop-punk and more hardcore music haven’t checked them out yet then they are doing music wrong.ADTR-Reading-header

I then set out to catch the end of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s set which for me was bizarrely placed supporting Blink-182. Being Pop-punk royalty, the main stage focused on an array of rock bands and it didn’t seem right with the DJ’s holding on to the main support slot. Although the performance was high energy and got people dancing to their famous song ‘Thrift-Shop’ I can’t help but feel they would have enjoyed a better set on the NME Stage supporting Disclosure rather than trying to perform their music to a bunch of people desperately trying to sit through their set so they can get a good spot for Blink-182.

I finished off the first day of Leeds by going to see Blink-182. Now anyone who knows me personally knows Blink-182 have a very special place in my heart as one of my favourite bands in history and seeing them at Leeds was the fifth time I’m seeing Tom, Mark and Travis grace the stage. They kicked off in classic adolescent, Blink-182 fashion with an introduction of the song referred to as “you’re a c**t” being going straight into the energetic, “Feeling This” and the hits didn’t stop there continuing to play crowd pleasers like, Dumpweed, All the Small Things and I Miss You whilst throwing in the more humorous songs like, “Happy Holidays you Bastard.” It’s safe to say during the hour and a half long set I wasn’t the only screaming out all the words as I didn’t see one unhappy face out there and the crowd just didn’t take their eyes of the trio on stage as aside from all the fart and dick jokes, the songs they really were just great entertainers and after they finished the set with the explicit, “Family Reunion,” it just left me wanting more and more even on my fifth time seeing them.

So overall between the bands and acts I saw on my first day, it is safe to say Leeds kicked off with a bang and I was eager to see what else the weekend had to offer!


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