That Time I Went to Leeds Fest and Saw a Load of Bands (Sunday)

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music lowdown logoThe last day came and I planned on having a fairly laid back day as most of the acts I wanted to see were on the previous days, I planned on seeing Imagine Dragons, While She Sleeps and then of course Arctic Monkeys. My plans however changed as I chose to stay and watch Jake Bugg over While She Sleeps which ultimately was in fact the worst decision I made that weekend, but I’ll get into that later.
I wandered over casually to the main stage to watch Imagine Dragons knowing a few of their songs like, Radioactive and the one I can only remember as, ‘that Fifa song’ and a few more. I was pleasantly surprised with their set and performance as if I was being perfectly honest I genuinely thought it would be some electronic, mainstream crap and I was to eat my words as they were anything but! They engaged well with the crowd and played their hit songs LOUD it was a great performance. They even slipped a cover of Blur’s Song 2 in their set however we’ll try and forget that happened as I’m not convinced that really worked for them as the singer got the words wrong and the guitarist didn’t play it right either. Apart from that blip the other 8 songs they played were brilliant! So would I go see Imagine Dragons again? Still not really my cup of tea I’m afraid but if they happened to be at a festival I was at then yeah definitely! Imagine Dragons gained half a fan that day (I’m not ready to commit myself to being an actual fan yet, maybe with time…)imagine dragons

So. Here it is. The worst decision I made the whole weekend. I chose to see Jake Bugg over While She Sleeps. Now I’m guessing people reading this will think, “Of course he was never going to like Jake Bugg if he was planning to see While She Sleeps!” and my answer to that is you people are wrong! I enjoy listening to Jake Bugg he’s a talented kid, and he played well at Leeds! This is where people will now probably ask another question, “why was it so terrible then?!” The answer is simple. The guy was dull, moody, and damn right boring like a stroppy teenager whose Mum has forced them to go out there and play. I get that he is trying to be the baby brother to the Gallagher brothers but there is one problem there Jakey. You are not Oasis and you are not Noel or Liam. He didn’t acknowledge the crowd once while he was on stage he didn’t actually say a word unless they were in his songs and set. He basically walked on, played, put down his guitar and left without a word and so I felt I could have had a better time listening to him on my iPhone without him being a moody arsehole than stand there for an hour listening to him play. However Mr Bugg I do have some positives for you! In all fairness your music was good and I enjoyed listening to it but come on you’re 20 odd years of age supporting the headline act on the main stage of Leeds living the absolute dream and you had a face like a smacked arse. The other positive for Jake Bugg was if I hadn’t of seen him I would have never got a good spot for Arctic Monkeys!

So after my anger at Jake Bugg had passed I realised it was almost time for the last band of the festival before I made the long trip home for the best shower of my life! When I said Josh Homme was one of the coolest guys ever it’s because Alex Turner really is the coolest guy ever. He strolled on stage looking like the Fonze, only now it’ll be the Fonze that wants to look like Alex Turner everything he did was cool!arctic monkeysThey dove straight in with Do I Wanna Know off their latest album AM and the crowd erupted. The iconic guitar riff and power gave you goosebumps it was incredible. The set continued at a similar pace, some fast songs, some slow songs, but it was mesmerising I tried not to blink in case I missed any part of their set. The set itself obviously included new songs but also included old hits such as I Bet That You Look Good on The Dance floor and Dancing Shoes. I must now surprisingly inform you that before Leeds, I hated Arctic Monkeys, really hated them. So this should tell you how good their performance was. I didn’t want the set to end! This for me was the best way to end such a fantastic festival, to have an act like Arctic Monkeys huge as they are to win me over and finish on such a high note as well! It was meant to be and if next year’s Leeds or any festival I go to in the future is half as good then it’ll be incredible.




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