Emma Watson HeForShe Speech at the United Nations

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youtube highlightsThis video shows the speech given by actress Emma Watson to the union, where she talks about the HeForShe organisation. The speech is very brave and very inspirational.

What is essential in this speech is that informs and will hopefully make people understand that gender equality is something that both sides need to resolve. Watson highlights the assumptions made against feminists as being ‘man haters’ and she praises the people she calls inter-feminists who have never judged her by their gender.

An important aspect is that she raises issues of male gender identity. The idea of that a man has to be strong and not sensitive, that can be a much as a problem as stereotyping women as weak and feeble. She events man to take part in the conversation over gender identity and I think that this is such a great move. Moreover, when the shocking statistics that she provides show that suicide being the highest cause of death among men in the UK.

To have an organisation that focuses on equality as a spectrum that covers women and men’s concerns is very important step towards resolving the issue. It is better that we tackle things together. To not let past stereotypes block us or guide us away from gaining a equality that helps each other.

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