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2014CrystalCastles_MS_081014About a month ago Crystal Castles split up, Alice Glass and Ethan Kath heading their own separate ways to, hopefully, make more odd electronica. But why were Crystal Castles so successful? Their shrill, broken, electronic records shouldn’t have been received with warmth as they were.  Anarchism through sound isn’t comfortable. But perhaps this is why they received their fan base: they were edgy, and made people uncomfortable, and people like that. People like to live outside of the norm sometimes.

Their three albums, ‘Crystal Castles’, ‘Crystal Castles II’ and ‘(III)’, are perfect examples of this. If you listen in order, you recognise the signature wailing, the repetitive thud of the bass, the discordant keyboard bouncing over the track. But we also see transformation. The evolution between albums is apparent; the keyboard turns to synth, the music more complex with time. This allowed Crystal Castles to remain edgy. Despite creating three studio albums, their fans remained on edge, and uncomfortable, and anachronous, and excitable because of this.  This showed live, as the gigs were notoriously wild, and anticipated for months on end. They were fresh, and remained fresh. This is why people loved them, and will still love them. This is why we are disappointed at their split, but also excited to see what’s next from Glass and Kath. Let’s hope it is of the same kin.

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