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emma scott on stageA handy guide to what radio plugging can do for your music! So, what is a radio plugger? What do they do? What can they do for your music and your career? Well, a radio plugger gets your music into the right inboxes and post sacks of the right people in radio to get you heard – and hopefully played on the radio! Radio play is such an amazing tool to help grow your brand and build the buzz for your music. You’ll find more people on your social media pages and start building up relationships with radio people, and find yourself being played on the radio a lot as a result. It can also earn you money from royalties;-)

So how do you know which one to choose? 
Ideally, you want to choose a good one;-)
A good plugger knows which DJ’s and producers will be interested in hearing your music, and they’ll only take you onto their books if they know they can get good results for you.
When you approach a plugger, make sure you send them your music, so they can listen to it and tell you what they think they can achieve for you. If you like the sound of what they say, you can ask them a few more questions about the campaign – for example, will they send you updates on which stations have played you? Will they try and get you radio interviews? Do they have any contacts in the blogging world too? What results have they had recently with other clients?  Most good pluggers will have a well equipped website which should feature FAQ’s that should answer most of the questions you have.
Of course, there are a lot of pluggers that may just take your money and run.  Make sure you do your research and check out testimonials from a plugger before handing over your hard-earned cash. Make sure you know what the plan is for your campaign and that you know what YOUR role is.  There’s absolutely no point employing the services of a radio plugger if you as an artist/band don’t update your social media sites and get behind the promotion of the radio shows that are featuring your music.
Be ready to promo the promo! Look out for Tweets and new DJ followers – get ready to Re Tweet and follow back – you are helping to build the buzz for your brand and it doesn’t take much effort. Look at spending half an hour to an hour every day on promotion on your social media channels. You will be amazed at the results.
So, what does a radio plugger do? 
It’s quite a detailed job where a plugger is completely immersed in your band for your mail out to radio shows. They want to make sure they have everything a radio presenter or producer needs to know about you before they can even start on your plugging.  Your music has to be in the correct file, they need a well written biography, they need all your tour dates, a selection of photos, reviews and your single artwork too. 
A lot of pluggers use private Soundcloud links to send to most contacts. Some contacts will only listen to CDs, others prefer access to a WAV or an MP3.  The plugger should know exactly how the producer or presenter likes to receive new music.  
Some people get the impression that pluggers send out one email to all of their radio contacts at the same time and they hope for the best.  For me, I target specific presenters that I know will like what I’m sending.  Knowing your contact list is important.  We have hundreds of contacts to send music to which has been built over the years.  You know what they say?  It’s not what you know, it’s who you know? 
We have to keep up to date with our contacts to make sure we’re giving our clients the best opportunity to get played on as many shows as possible to give them the best coverage possible.
As soon as we’ve sent out the hundreds of emails for our client, we’ll start getting replies and responses through straight away.  We’ll keep our client informed with news of airplay and where possible, we’ll tag everyone in on Facebook and Twitter posts, so that “shares” and “RT’s” are easy to achieve.  Hence, building a buzz.
uk-pop-radio-stationsWe achieve plays on between 50 and 80 different radio stations per campaign for our clients – some will be plays on national radio stations like Radio 1, 2 and 6 Music as well as XFM, Absolute Radio, Kerrang! Radio and Planet Rock.  That’s an amazing achievement.
We work on a campaign every day until the plays stop coming in. A campaign lasts around 7 – 8 weeks on average.  Depending on whether our clients are added to playlists – some can achieve a campaign that lasts over 20 weeks!
Every day, Pluggin Baby keeps its clients up to date with new plays and feedback for each one and each week if they’re being played on the radio, we’ll send a weekly mail out too.  At the end of the campaign, we’ll send a summary report to them, so they can see exactly who’s played them and maybe make contact with DJs and radio stations themselves – to try and start building their own contacts list.  
Getting played on the radio can help you get more gigs, make sales on your merchandise and CDS and downloads, it can bring you a steady stream of revenue with airplay royalties, make you more attractive to potential managers, labels and publishers – and keep your social media channels buzzing with talks and likes and followers!
If it was my band  - cover smallerFinding a good and trustworthy plugger isn’t too hard to do.  Ask questions before handing over money. Do they check out on line? Are they active on their website and social media channels themselves?  Are other bands saying positive things about that plugger? 
Once you’ve found a good one – well done!  You will achieve radio play and your music will be heard by the people you just can’t get to yourself.  
You should see your music/band as a brand and a business.  Every business needs to spend money on advertising and PR at some point – so why should it be different for you?
Radio plays can help you reach thousands of new fans – without you even leaving the house. Sit back, switch the radio on and enjoy hearing your music being played.
There’s nothing quite like it!
Good luck!
Emma signing her bookWritten by guest author Emma Scott of Pluggin’ Baby –  http://plugginbaby.com
Emma Scott is also the author of ‘If It Was My Band’ a simple, fun guide, filled with information on all aspects of the music businesss. It is the compass and map that every aspiring successful musician should have, to help them reach their destination: making music their full time job. –  http://ifitwasmyband.com

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