Roald Dahl’s – ‘Matilda’, The Musical


I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the Cambridge Theater production of Matilda – The Musical, in early January. I am, a huge fan of musicals, so given the opportunity to view one of my all-time favourite childhood stories, in a theater full of talented performers- I couldn’t say no. It is true to say I had high expectations for the critically acclaimed performance, with the telegraph stating “It was crystal clear that the statuette should go to the RSC’s hilarious, moving and magical production of Matilda”. I was not disappointed and personally found the production incredible! The cast was brimming with talent and energy, and the dance routines are fascinating from an audience’s perspective. The songs (of which there were many) were near impossible not to clap (and sing) along to, if like me, you had gone to the trouble of listening to the whole soundtrack on YouTube before watching the show. The set is very cleverly designed, extravagant, colourful and constantly changing, so there is no possibility of boredom kicking in – especially when somehow (and I’m still questioning how) the classic Amanda Thripp scene finishes with a girl falling from the ceiling! There is also a lovely touch of the placement of swings on stage. I would without a doubt recommend this childhood classic, re-invented musical for people of any age. It is well worth the trip down to London to see this astounding piece of theater.

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