Youtube Highlight – 10 Years Of New Who

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youtube highlightsThursday 26th March saw the 10th anniversary of the début of the reincarnated version of Doctor Who with the episode Rose.

And today’s highlight comes from Luke Spillane who is a YouTuber known for his fandom and discussion of Doctor Who on his channel. In this video he reflects upon his memories of when the show returned. Recalling how excited he was at seeing the show that he had become a fan of during what is known as the wilderness years after the show’s cancellation back in 1989.

I think this video acts as a good reflection of people’s feelings at the time and provokes a reflection of the audience own memories. Indeed, I think for many, including me, the thought of that Saturday back in 2005 when we became fans. I remember that when my mum asked me if I wanted to watch this show she use to see, I was slightly reserved about it. But as soon as that first episode finished that was it, I was hooked and I’ve never looked back.

My life is better for Doctor Who in it and it’s so good to see still around 10 years later, with it already in its 4th modern day Doctor and numerous companions later. It’s brought us laughter, drama, tears, monsters and imagination.




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