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reverbnationArtistic Echoes recently had the pleasure of interviewing Reverbnation Competition winners Man Bites Zombie 

Are you fans of the walking dead or more classic zombie movies? 

First few seasons were great but it did seem to lose its way a bit. More fans of the classic romero flicks. Quite looking forward to the spin off ‘Fear the walking dead’. 

Zombies are often used as an allegory for certain human conditions like they go to the mall in old 70s movies as humans are attracted to the mall is there any hidden meaning or is it just an excuse to dress up and have a laugh? 

We like the social commentary of Romero, and like to think each of our songs tells it’s own little story. As a society we’ve become too dependent on commercialism, it’s fun to write songs that explore the breakdown of social structures. That said we do love to dress up and spit blood at people. 

MBZWhat was your first Halloween costume? 

Jim: A Vampire, Count Dracula I think

Matt: Bride of Frankenstein always loved a bit of cross dressing.

Daff: Freddie Kruger, see you in your dreams baby!

Rob: Gene Simmons, was a huge KISS fan 

Who inspired you as a child what was the first record you bought?

Jim: The Incredible Hulk. Doo Doo Doo, Dah Dah, Dah by The Police

Matt: Papa Smurf. Father Abraham in Smurf Land The Smurfs

Daff: Santa Claus, especially for his ability to be everywhere in one day. Prince Charming Adam and the Ants

Rob: Bagpuss. Give it up, KC and The Sunshine Band 

Are you fans of computer games anyone’s that really grabbed your attention recently?

The Last of Us, and Jetpack Willie 

What’s your favourite YouTube video?

With the exception of the awesome “When it all comes down” by MBZ, we quite enjoy Terry Tibbs and Two Girls One Cup … or is that PornTube. 

If you were to build a man bites zombie board game what would it be like?

A bit like Cluedo but with less Pipes and Libraries 

1000850_611125958921163_1096276265_nFinally do you like cheese?


Jim: I like Brie, nothing too strong

Matt: DairyLea Triangles

Daff: No, just NO!!!

Rob: A nice veiny stilton like my Nan’s legs.

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