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youtube highlightsThis is the latest film from youtuber Hazel Hayes aka ChewingSand, which is an intriguing and interesting concept. 
The video starts with seven people around a table and none of them are allowed to live the room unless someone takes a pill that will kill them, but if no one takes the pill everyone dies. This is a great idea and work really well to allow the characters to be explored.

This Black Mirror style plot raises many questions, including who should live or die? Who deserves to survive? Or even who deserves make the sacrifice? The character are varied and well developed. All of the performances here are really good,, with Hayes’ character of Kate creating a sense of mystery around her origins and motives.

It also raises another issue of what could future reality TV be like. Could it really come to a point where someone death could be seen as justified for entertainment purposes? But then aren’t we surrounded by the idea of the bravery of self-sacrifice meaning the person who takes the pill would be seen as heroic.

But then the ending, really swiftly concludes the film in very surprising way, making a great twist.

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