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10380059_639919296100126_6238423947149438628_oRecently Artistic Echoes was at Headlander Festival, at the festival we had the pleasure of working with Starlight Academy and some of their extremely talented young artists. Here is our interview with one of their teachers and up and coming artist Ben Gorb

For those that don’t know you could you tell us a little bit about yourself your history?

Well I’m originally from London. I was born on April 3rd 1993 in Waterloo London but have lived in Macclesfield since I was seven. I went to Beech Hall and Bollinbook Primary School and then Fallibroome Academy for Secondary School. I went to the University of Wolverhampton and have recently just graduated with a Popular Music Degree. Ever since I was a teenager I have had a strong passion for rock music and have always wanted to pursue it as a career in it somehow!

Who inspired you to first pick up a guitar to get into music?

I’m lucky to have had a big musical background. My dad is a classical musician and my mum and sister both play instruments too. I think that definitely had a lot of impact. But when I first started listening to rock bands such as AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses and The Who around the age of thirteen I became really interested in the guitar.

You work with starlight academy could you tell us a little bit about them?

Starlight Academy is based in Hazel Grove and is a community enterprise business. It gives people of all ages the opportunity to learn and instrument and perform. You can do Music, Drama or Dance. I teach guitar, drums, bass and bands there. It’s a great place to teach and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in playing an instrument!

You recently release a single to itunes called part of me, could you tell us a little bit about it?

Part of Me is actually one of the first songs I ever wrote. I must have written the song when I was about fifteen! The lyrics came a little later actually. It’s a song I’ve wanted to record for a very long time, so it feels so good to finally get it out there. I recorded it at the Big Red Studio in Macclesfield earlier this year with my band.

_MG_4016Do you have any plans to release any music videos or any live material that we can check out?

I have a few videos on YouTube of me doing an acoustic gig and a studio session at The Big Red. I will hopefully be doing a music video soon for Part of Me.

What do you think is missing for artists starting out in the music industry at the moment, what could be done to help new artists?

I think websites like this for a start are very useful for upcoming musicians. Everything is online nowadays and all we can do is make the most of it.  There is still plenty of money in gigging, it’s just breaking the ice and getting your music heard by the masses which is very, very hard! I do think record labels need to expand their interest and take risks. I also think the general public could give up and coming musicians more of a chance. It’s a combination really, all us musicians can do is take every opportunity and try the best with what’s available.

What is your proudest moment as a musician so far?

I don’t think I have one proudest moment. I’ve played a few excellent gigs with fantastic audiences. Playing in front of an enthusiastic audience is the best feeling in the world, as any songwriter will tell you!

At Artistic Echoes we are always on the look out for new artists young and old do you have anyone to recommend that we should check out?

I have plenty of musicians I know who are extremely talented. Jake Evans, MELT, The Christopher’s, Pophysteriavictim, The Buskers Son’s, Darragh Burke. Most of these are from Macclesfield, all completely different to one and other and all really worth checking out!

10422430_772104882881566_5821573849847146273_nDo you have any plans for the summer, recording, travelling any festivals that you are going to?

I am playing some acoustic gigs over the next few months, including The Wharf Bar on July 18th and The Swan with Two Necks August 14th. I am always looking for more though! Over the next year I will hopefully be in the Studio recording some more songs and hopefully gigging much more! I’d like to ideally record a full album over the next couple of years.

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