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Alex Holmes HigherRecently Artistic Echoes had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Holmes, her single Higher is released today; personally we are loving the track in the Artistic Echoes offices.

Here is what she had to say about the track, her musical history and tanks!

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself your story?

I grew up in the middle of the Hertfordshire countryside, the nearest place was a village two miles away. I was lucky to have a very musical Dad who would play his guitar and sing to us, this inspired my love for music. I soon started writing songs with him and it became my favourite thing to do. I never quite took to the guitar and instead fell in love with the piano, soon after I started learning piano I took to writing by myself. I spent the majority of my childhood sat behind a piano bashing away and singing/yelling – music is a great outlet for a young person did you know! I spent my teens writing and performing and went onto study Popular Music at Goldsmiths College, London. Since finishing there I have taken my time to find the right musical outfit for me as a vocalist, music producer and songwriter. It is so exciting to be releasing material I have made at home in my studio.

You are about to release the track higher, it has an interesting video, my friend was wondering why is there a tank in the video?

Haha, because who doesn’t like tanks?! No, really, it’s representing the war that the girl is running from. However, it is up to a listener to decide what a song means to them, this is just one interpretation and there as a stimulus. The girl could be running from a physical war or a war inside her own mind. But then the song and video could mean something totally different to you?

What has been your most memorable moment as a performer so far?

Back in 2013 I had released an acoustic EP, this was followed up by a tour that included dates at this gorgeous venue ‘High Barn’ in Essex, unfortunately it had to close down but it was truly special and magical atmosphere. I have been taking a break from performing whilst I’ve been making and releasing my new singles. I am getting back to performing later this year with my new band and am sure there to be lots more wonderful performance experiences!

At artistic echoes we always like to find new Artists, Books, Films, TV Series, Video games, can you recommend any that we might not have heard of?

So right now I’m loving music from Oh Wonder who you may have heard of, they were pretty undiscovered not long ago. I also have been listening to an old friend from Goldsmiths Alfie Connor, he’s got a very unique, interesting voice, you should check him out.

I’m a bit addicted to the TV series Arrow on Netflix. In general I’m not a big TV watcher but I love all the action in Arrow (I think everyone secretly would love to engage with their inner super woman or man!). Good film I watched at the weekend was Hector and the Search for Happiness, it was so beautifully crafted and honest which I loved.

Alex Holmes Promo 2When was the first time you felt like a performer, that you decided you wanted to do this professionally or have you always wanted to be a singer?

It may sound like a cliché however, I always wanted to be a singer from as far back as I can remember. When I was really little I would sing with my friends in the school playground LOL! It really was all I wanted to do. Well I did have this one moment when I was 16 when I thought I might like to be a lawyer. Then I thought, no one would get it if I started singing in court so that wouldn’t work…

Our facebook fab five last friday was tiny things, what are your favourite tiny things?

Amazing! Thimbles, I was obsessed with collecting them when I was little. I think they’re in an attic somewhere now but I’m inspired to search them out.

What is missing in the music industry today for new artists, what more could be done?

I think it’s a tough industry on both sides now. We have industry people who are trying to seek out the best of new music but are inundated with this, that and whatever else coming through and not all of it is good let alone to their taste or style. The industry is swamped by music and lots of business people ready to make money or take advantage of new artists which doesn’t help anyone.

I Love to travel where is the most interesting place you have been to? 

Thailand. I’ve been three times now, ready to try something else but I have loved every minute spent exploring that country from Chang Mai all the way down the East and West coast and lastly that stunning little Island Koh Lipe. Next stop either Japan or the Amazon Rainforest!

If you could play one venue that you haven’t played where would it be?

The Roundhouse. I saw Arcade Fire perform there and the whole room was on fire, there was such an incredible vibe.

Do you have any plans for the summer, to record an album, go to festivals, travel?

I will be finishing off my 3rd single for a release sometime in September, getting the video sorted too and also getting my new band together for rehearsals. I also hope to go on another travel adventure!

If you want to find more about Alex Holmes head to:

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