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Android-logo_tcm14-1232684Recently reshuffled ad and search giant Google has revealed that the next version of it’s popular ‘Android’ mobile OS is to be named “Marshmallow”.

This follows Google’s trend of using the name of a sweet combined with a letter from the alphabet for each release of its software, hence the most recent version being called Lollipop, before that we had KitKat and Jelly Bean.

The largest and most profitable subsidiary of the massive technology organisation also announced a new version of the Android SDK. In it’s post announcing the new SDK and API the company detailed what it calls “fairly incremental” changes including a “new permissions model that streamlines the app install and update process.” Improved fingerprint detection and recognition features have also made it in to this release.

It is not yet known when this squishy new version will be hitting devices, but normally it isn’t long between the announcement and the initial releases of the software. Naturally Google’s own line of Nexus devices will have access to the new release before any others, but that is to be expected, after all, every tech company needs guinea pigs right?

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