From my inbox – “What should musicians do to stand out?”

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As a music blogger I get thousands of emails from bands each week asking to be featured on Artistic Echoes, it’s easy for music bloggers to get drowned in the sheer number of emails that they get sent at times it feels like there is no end in sight.

So what should musicians do to stand out? to be honest it all comes down to luck your email ends up on the top of the pile and whether you get a good review, or interview comes entirely down to there mood and which cup of coffee the blogger is on at the time. Most music blogs like this one are written by people who do it in their spare time or if there lucky like me and they have an understanding boss they snatch a bit of time at work to type out a quick article.

There are a few things you can do to help yourself though;

  1. Always provide a link to your music; it sounds silly but sometimes musicians don’t even do this and it a sure fire way for your email to be skim read and skipped over.
  2. Be personal; ideally you should write a separate email to each blog that you send your music to, try and personalise it in some way.
  3. Read the blog you are applying to; give a quick read of the blog that you are applying to, it will make your emails seem a lot more authentic.
  4. Adopt a conversational tone; don’t just post a wall of text about your latest release imagine you are telling a friend about an exciting new band you have just discovered.
  5. Thank the blogger for their article, most blogers are doing this for free so it’s always nice to recieve thanks and this could help you build up a relationship with the blogger

Those are just a few of my thoughts, unfortunately every blogger is different so they will have different criteria. If you have any tips let us know below

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