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We recently caught up with Reverbnation winners Some Velvet Morning

Could you tell us a little bit about Some Velvet Morning your story?

We are a trio from North London consisting of two brothers, Desmond (vocals, guitar) and Gavin Lambert (bass, vocals) plus Rob Flanagan (drums).  We have released two albums, “Silence Will Kill You”, produced by Coldplay’s producer Rik Simpson and “Allies” which was crowdfunded by fans, who contributed £100,000 in six weeks to make the album.  Our single from this second album, “How To Start A Revolution,” was used as the soundtrack on the international trailer for the blockbuster movie “Kick-Ass”.

Who inspired you to get on stage and perform?

We have many classic influences including The Beatles, U2, Depeche Mode and Fleetwood Mac.  Like most people who get into music, it was a case of learning your craft then following in the footsteps of those who influenced you by making recordings and playing live. With Some Velvet Morning, although we agree on those artists mentioned, we have our own individual influences who inspire our playing, so when we are writing it is very much a melting pot of different ideas which helps create something new.

What’s the most interesting venue you have played at so far?

Our most unusual venue was playing in a boxing ring in Thailand for a festival called “Rock The Ring”.  Rob and his drums were actually in the ring, whilst the brothers flanked the outer edges.  A favourite gig of the band’s however is the Massilia Rock Festival in Marseille where we’ve performed a couple of times. The stage is on the beach with the Chateau D’if (as featured in the Count Of Monte Cristo) as the backdrop.


You recently got involved with the homeless charity St Mungo’s Broadway how did that happen?

Rob has volunteered for St. Mungo’s Broadway for over a year, teaching drums. He noticed that the Recovery College was in need of new equipment.   It seemed therefore apt that as we feel lucky enough to pursue our passion for a living, that we could help out others who for varying reasons had found themselves homeless.  We will be donating 50% of profits from the sales of “Allies” to the charity.

You are going to be re-issuing your album allies to help raise funds for the charity, could you tell us a little bit about the recording of that album?

“Allies” was recorded at The Fish Factory in Willesden, which is an amazing studio in North London.  The songs on the record were written over a period of two years.  We had actually written another album after our first that we shelved in favour of the new material coming through which subsequently became “Allies”. It was crowdfunded with a French label called My Major Company.  We posted demos online and fans commented on which songs they liked.  In that sense, they became our “Allies” and it became their album.


A lot of small music venues have been closing down recently, what do you think is missing in today’s music scene?

Competition for people’s attention is now greater than ever in music.  There are so many ways to experience music, with the entire world of artists at your fingertips.  As an artist you need to plan in advance (perhaps up to six months ahead) and build up promotion for each show that you do.  Small venues close because they are not packed to the rafters.  The promoters and bands need to work together to fill the venues.  More venues would then stay open and contribute to a healthier live scene.  There is nothing missing from today’s music, there is just so much more choice.

What plans do you have for the future?

In 2016 we will be issuing a brand new single every month, which we are very excited about.  At present we are finalising mixes and artwork for the first of these to be released in January.  We’ll also be headlining our own show at The Roundhouse in London on Fri 4th Mar 2016.

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