Top 10 LGBT Moments Of 2015

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youtube highlightsSo here we are in 2016 and a return for this series. To start of the new year I present a video from couple Trent Owens and Luke Shayler.

Featuring several other LGBT youtubers including Miles J, Jack Merridew, Shane Bitney Crone, Steve Grand, Michael Rizzi and Kristina Kumar, they count down the top 10 LGBT events of last year. The list includes various events ranging from the brilliant to the sweet to the negative.

One key event of course was the US Supreme Court decided to legalise same-sex marriage in July, which was a long awaited right that everyone should have. But despite the milestones it’s hard to think that coming out should still be a thing and as another event in the list shows that last year saw coming out videos from several youtuber including Joey Graceffa, Shane Dawson and Ingrid Nilsen. Hopefully we’re come to a point where coming out isn’t needed, but these videos do a lot to help people come to terms with themselves.

Other events in the list include Caitlyn Jenna’s transition, a high school prom date proposal and the highlighting of genderfluidity by Orange Is The New Black star Ruby Rose. One event, which I don’t think really should be in the list because It’s not exactly LGBT is apparently One Direction’s Harry Styles suggestion in an interview that he might be bisexual. Although I suppose if he was it would be good for the bi community but I think it’s blown out of the proportion a bit too much just because it’s someone from One Direction.

Anyway, it was a big year for LGBT and watch the video to find out which event topped the list.


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