The Gracies – “A homegrown outfit with a creative pureness and refined vision”


We recently had the pleasure of interviewing The Gracies:

Could you tell us a little bit about the band, how did it get started?

Tom Morris and Elliot Spencer (lead guitarist and lead singer) met at Leeds Uni in 2006, started writing songs over the next few years and in late 2009 moved back to Macclesfield and started the project ‘The Gracies’. The line up has altered over the years but with Tom and Elliot staying at the core of the project throughout undertaking all writing duties.

Who inspired you to get on stage and perform?

Individually it may be different between the members but all the great artists that came before us from The Beatles, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, through to newer acts such as Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar. We draw from a wide range of genres and artists which gives us our unique sound and feel.


You recently recorded an album, could you tell us a little about the recording process? 

We self recorded, mastered and released the album (with a bit of help from our music publisher on the latter). We have renovated a makeshift studio in the attic of a barn and rehearse/record everything in there. We enjoy the freedom we get using our own studio and due to our music technology background, have the ability to produce ourselves. This gives us maximum creative freedom with no financial/time constraints when we are working and experimenting.

How do you make yourselves stand out, what makes The Gracies unique?

I think the fact we are such a homegrown outfit gives us a creative pureness and refined vision. Elliot concentrates on the bulk of the lyrics giving his personal viewpoints on a variety of subjects with Tom playing most of the instruments. The fact that we draw from such an eclectic mix of styles gives us a unique sound that is always evolving and developing with the moment. 

Where do you find inspiration for your songs?


What is the post interesting place you have performed at?

The Manchester Academy was probably our most important gig to date but also, supporting The Virginmarys at their homecoming gig was a big highlight for us.


What’s the most random thing that has happened at a gig or in the studio?

The drummer turned up on time, not hungover

At Artistic Echoes we love to discover new Artists and Bands do you have anyone you can recommend?

I would recommend fellow local band ‘Melt’, these boys have some quality songs and live they impress. 

What plans do you have for 2016?

We already deep into the process of demoing new material. We plan to release some of this in the middle of the year and by the end of the year we would hope to have a manager and a team around us so we can get more exposure and take it to the next level.

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