Youtube Highlight – Why I Don’t Show My Boyfriend

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youtube highlightsFrom the evolution of reality and its transition onto YouTube through vlogs, daily vlogging, coming out stories and social issues led videos, the question of how much info is too much has been raised.

This video from Jimmy Hill aka Jimmy0010, has been discussing why he doesn’t show his boyfriend, who he has been in a relationship for several years, in his videos, despite numerous requests from fans. One thing mentions is how there seems to be an expectation that he should show his audience his relationship. And this is a very common thing now given how much channels by daily vloggers reveal and show about their lives and relationships, to the point where, as Jimmy says, the couple becomes the brand.

I think that there are pros and cons to this, such as youtubers being open about their relationships and can display a kind of identifiable relationship. This is often true of the LGBT couples channel, where the ir audiences are able to see that being LGBT doesn’t mean you can’t have a stable and happy relationship. On the other hand, fans can feel an ownership over a couple and when they break up it can cause conflict, abuse and even closing down of channels.

It’s fair to say that the lines of privacy have blurred, especially when it comes to YouTube. Viewers are so much more connected with the youtubers they watch and can interact with them via various social media platforms it can be easy to see how fans can feel apart of the relationship. I think it’s good that Jimmy how the insight to keep this relationship for himself. Not to say I don’t enjoy couples channels as I am subscribed to several but think there has to be a good balance worked out between how much you should share with complete strangers.

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