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We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ireland’s The Young Folk:

For those people that haven’t heard of The Young Folk before could you tell us about the band, your story?

We are an alt folk pop act.  Started about 7yrs ago, we were more traditional folk sounding but have organically moved forward.

Ireland has a rich tradition of folk music, do you draw on that as inspiration when writing your songs, or is it more personal?

We draw on our own inspiration for our songs. We all heard traditional Irish songs growing up you can’t help it. But we were like very other kids growing up listening to Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Iron Maiden, Dylan whatever kids like.

You recently released a video for your single ‘Home’ how did you come up with the concept?

The concept was to relate to the source of the song which is people looking for love acceptance and their own piece of the world to call home. We liked the idea of it looking like a Samuel Becket play, close and focused on our two Laurel and Hardy esque characters (Played brilliantly by Gus Mc Donagh and Paul Reid) and focus on how people deal with their journey through life.

The track is from your new album “First Sign of Morning” could you tell us a little bit about recording that album?

We recorded it with Gavin Glass out at Orphan records. We came in with completed songs but decided to let them change if they wanted to and go with whatever the vibe was. There are a lot of new textures in the album and themes heavily influenced by movies we were inspired by as kids growing up.

What do you think is missing in today’s music industry?

What is the most interesting venue you have performed at?

An underground prehistoric cave in West Cork Ireland.

What is your most memorable moment as a band?

Playing on St Patrick’s day at the presidents house for the president and 300 naval service officers in return for their work at the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean last year.

Here at Artistic Echoes we are always on the lookout for new artists is there anyone you would recommend to us?

White Mice

Ham Sandwich

Niall Thomas

Pete Fagan

What do you have planned for the rest of 2016?

Summer festivals

European dates

An acoustic tour of holland

American tour starting g in Kansas in September

A major Irish headline show at the years end

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