Where does new pop come from? We talk to a rock school and an opera singer.

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Where do new musical artists come from? In the music capital of the US, Los Angeles, a lot of them come from the Paramount Academy of Music with its state of art studios and gear and some of the nation’s top song writers, band members and session players on the faculty. We will talk with the founder Marisa Gariano and Music Director Carl Restivo to learn how they do it.

However, not all artists come from a school of rock. Sin Color started with opera training and is now one of the fastest rising bands in the creative cauldron of South LA, blending cumbia, bossa nova, disco, and opera singing into music that makes you get up and dance. We interview the operatic Crisia Regalado and her guitar genius partner, David Aquino and how they mix up their addictive concoction.

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