The Crossfire Hurricanes – “Foot To The Floor”


We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Reverbnation competition winners Crossfire Hurricanes

Could you tell us a bit about the band for people who are new to your music?
The Crossfire Hurricanes was born from a conversation between four musical acquaintances talking in a bar. We didn’t believe any local Belfast bands were playing the sound we liked, which was heavy riffs, distorted bass, punchy vocals blended with a vintage Rock’N’Roll sound. So the four of us decided to form a band and see where it took us. As it turned out we worked very well together and its been foot to the floor since.

Where do you draw music inspiration from when performing and writing songs?
We have a very wide range of musical influences, stemming from the old; Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd… to the new; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black keys, The Verve, Pearl Jam. We have kept most of our music in that genre of Heavy Psychedelic Blues Infused Rock. I’ve wrapped a few genres up there, haha. When performing we can only be ourselves.

What is so great about Michael Keaton?
Haha! What a fantastic question. Did you know his real name is Michael Douglas? He had to change it for obvious reasons. I’ve loved Michael Keaton since that scene in Batman where he smashes a vase with a poker and screams “You wanna get nuts?! COME ON!! Lets get nuts”. Have you ever seen his first movie? Its called ‘Night Shift’ and he co-stars to Henry Winkler (The Fonz) as an off-the-rails morgue attendant. Its hilarious. Its probably Keaton’s mannerisms that make him so appealing. He has a unique way about him… The same way Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken do.

What’s the most interesting venue you have performed at?
Probably in The Grand Social, Dublin. Its a really cool place beside the river with a huge attic room and smoking garden. That was a cool spot. We were supporting Ekko Park on their Irish gigs, a touring band from New Zealand. We are about to play the legendary Indie venue Dublin Castle in Camden, London this weekend! So we’ll see if it makes it to the top slot.


Do you have any interesting tales from the studio or on the road?
We once saw two transvestites knocking the absolute shit out of each other in a bar in Liverpool. At first we thought it was two guys dressed up for a stag, but then it became clear that they were together. To this day we don’t know what that fight was about but there were wigs and ripped dresses flying everywhere. Such an interesting fight. They should have a charity boxing tournament in heels. Watching two heavy weights go toe-to-toe in a pair of high heels would break all box office records.

How does the music scene differ in Ireland to the UK?
Its quite similar in a lot of ways only I think UK scene is more alive at the moment. To take Belfast for example, it is quite a small city so the demand for original bands isn’t as strong. This is one of the reasons The Crossfire Hurricanes formed; to jump in and stir some excitement around the city. If we could get back to the glory days and create a new movement. We need another young entrepreneur like Terri Hooley, and a band to kick it all off with another Teenage Kicks. We want to inject some energy into our local music scene and we call on all Belfast bands, and more importantly the public audience, to do it. There is some amazing unheard talent in Belfast, it’ll happen.

If you could play any festival which would it be and why?
Usually it would be Glastonbury. The Mecca itself where all musicians face to pray, haha. Its the atmosphere and the spirit of the place. However THIS year it would definitely be ‘Desert Trip’ by the Coachella organisers in the Californian dessert. Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Roger Waters are all headlining. Imagine seeing that nevermind playing!

Here at Artistic Echoes we are always on the look out for new artists, is there anyone you can recommend we check out?
Yes. NO OIL PAINTINGS. Americana folk. Awesome.

What do you have coming up this summer?
As mentioned, Dublin Castle in camden, London; The Sunflower Festival, Hillsborough; Feile An Phobail festival in Belfast, supporting The Kooks and The Coronas. So yeah… we’re relying on the infamous Irish rain to hold off!

Find out more:

Website: (Going live in May)

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