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We recently caught up with Nicola and Ken from Life You Choose and spoke to them about their internationally supported battle of the bands competition:

Could you tell us a bit about life you choose and what you do?

Life You Choose Community Interest Company is a non-for profit organization offering arts and multimedia opportunities to people with learning difficulties. The projects are unique and aim to meet and surpass our member’s ambitions and aspirations.

Using state of the art equipment and technical resources Life You Choose creates projects that challenge and fulfill its member’s desires to interact fully with the community they are part of and also experience and share a variety of art forms with the every changing world at large.

I first heard of you through the battle of the bands competition you are running, could you tell us a bit about the competition?

The competition was initially meant to be a one off, to support local bands to get their music heard. Due to its popularity we decided to continue the competitions and take the competitions to another level. So we firstly emailed radio stations in every large town and city in the UK, asking them if they would like to get involved by promoting the weekly band entries and playing the winning band at the end of each competition. We got some great responses and many radio stations started to get involved.

We then contacted large cities in Australia and got two stations signed up there. We are currently working our way around each state in America using radio locator. This is a lengthy process being as there are thousands in each state, but again we have had positive responses from stations in the US. So far we have emailed the following states… Alabama | Alaska | American Samoa | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | District of Columbia | Florida | Georgia | Guam | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois |

We are also used social media to spread the word and reach out to bands around the world. This has been a great success and we now have bands from around the world taking part.

To help promote the bands further we have international music promoters promoting our weekly posts.

We have a location map, which shows you what parts of the world the battle of the bands has reached along with details/links for everyone involved. The map can be view through the link below.

The bands music is now played on a whole variety of radio stations that must be quite exciting?

We are over the moon by the support we have received by the radio stations. We now have 15 radio stations in the UK, US, Australia and Ireland involved, as well as 5 international music promoters, and a group of individuals who share and promote the weekly competitions.

We feel that bands deserve the support and recognition, and it is great for our group to listen to and discover a variety of new music.

How do people enter the battle of the bands competition? 

Simply send the following information to 

MP3 Track entry:

Band Name:

Track Name:

Facebook page:



Facebook page and website for promotion.

Location can just be your area, which is used to add your band and detail i.e. Facebook/website link to our map. This shows where all the bands, radio stations and music promoters are located, and enables people to find our about your music through the links.

How do people vote for the winners?

We post the weekly competitions to our Facebook page. People are asked to ‘like’ the track they prefer; the band with the most likes goes through to the final. The winner of the final is again the band with the most likes. There are 16 bands in each competition, four go head to head weekly. The final lasts for two weeks. Our last final reached over 8000 people.

Here is a link to our Facebook page.

Are you working on any other projects at the moment that our readers may be interested in? 

Our epic movie ‘The Return’ won a place on the Oska Bright international movie festival, and was shown at Brighton Dome In November 2015. It stayed at number one on an international movie platform ‘Indieboogie’ the place was gained by the number of views. Our members created the story, operated cameras and equipment and acted in the film.

Our film has been seen by over 10,000 people

who's johnny long arms drama reduced

Our radio drama thriller entitled ‘Who’s Johnny Long Arms’ was played on Halloween on our local radio station and has since been played on stations around the country.

Our short movie entitled ‘Living the Dream’ has recently been shortlisted for a place on Cannes movie festival in France. It is being currently judged by Polo, the mints with a hole manufacturer.

Our on going muppet factory, has toured and been staged at various venues, including summer and winter festivals. It’s newest format ‘Muppet Karaoke’ allows for audience participation, taking it to another level of engagement. Too shy to sing? Simply grab a muppet and help it to sing/mime to your favourite song instead. We made our own unique muppets, our members have practiced and are now master puppeteers Jim Henson would have been proud of.


And right now Life you choose, is currently working hard on its latest project entitled ‘We Are Gamers’ Which will be our first piece of music, using electronic music equipment. When the song is complete we will begin creating the video to go with it. We will then get the song played on radio and get the video out on social media.

Here at Artistic Echoes we are always on the look out for new bands, poets authors, do you have any you can recommend?

Mark Henderson, is an author, who has supported our group since it began in May 2014. His stories focus on local folk tales, in particularly spooky ones. We will be working with Mark in the future.

His website can be viewed through the link below.

The bands that have entering the battle of the bands have been of high quality so it would be hard to recommend just one band. You can listen to all the bands that have taken part through our Battle of the bands discussion/network link.

Battle of the band discussion network

How do people find out more about life you choose and the things that you do?

Website –

Facebook –

Youtube –

Twitter – @LifeYouChooseUK

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