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Technology is increasingly changing in the modern times. This has mostly affected the way goods are marketed and delivered. Every few month’s new platforms and gadgets are developed with the aim of targeting consumers to connect with them. With the increasing number of people who can access the internet nowadays, most investors have been investing a lot of their resources towards e-commerce. These investments are likely to continue this year in those companies that support the following five tech trends that are poised to emerge and grow.

  1. Location technologies.

Most of these are the beacons. They use a low-cost hardware piece which uses battery friendly and low Bluetooth energy connections. They transmit messages directly to tablets and smartphones. With this, the method of indoor communication by; retailers, transit systems, event organizers and educational institutions is greatly transformed. Most of the clients who have tried beacon have responded positively to it. It is an application that goes beyond retail and is currently becoming a valuable channel to the unified consumer view. They provide real-time data about the consumer’s unique profile.

  1. Social media explosion

Twitter and Facebook rule the social media landscape. Several players like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat are also becoming popular nowadays. The social circle is continually exploding with newcomers like Kleek, Secret, Yik Yak, and Wanalo. These sites provide the marketer with the variety needed to select the one that better suites the client. There are millions of users on these social sites, and the breadth of conversations is enormous. These platforms provide the user with the important information, enabling him to share it with others that which is informative and educative. Social media greatly reduces the cost that one requires to successfully sell an item, especially through advertisement.

  1. Omni-channel experiences

Customers want to see the company elements being managed as a whole. When they come to the enterprise, they do not comprehend support channels as separate. About 91% of the buyers will just want to pick an item where they left it when switching between channels. Most firms, however, have not made full progress on the integration of communication channels. This creates a greater disconnect between the demand and supply for these Omni-channel experiences. As a firm manager, ensure that future investment in technology does not just focus on having multiple channels, rather it should be about ensuring that they are coordinated, working together to create communication and transactional channels which are consistent and integrated.

  1. The internet of things (IOT)

This is the most exciting and futuristic topic in all. It is a connector that will work to bring other technologies together. This can be simply expressed as a technology of connecting devise to an off or on a switch to the internet. This will enable the devise to send and receive data from the internet. It includes everything from the washing machines, coffee makers, cell phones, lamps, headphones, wearable devices and lamps amongst others. IOT is the next generation of the internet that will provide a platform to exchange data and information among devices, people, systems services, and sensors. This technology mainly requires one to have active access to the internet. It will mainly work to reduce the boundaries between office and home thus making business models continually dependent on data collection and analysis.

Wearable sensors, beacons will seamlessly connect to the smartphones, computers, laptops and gadgets creating smart homes, smart vehicles, smart cities and smart workplaces. This will greatly impact on the life of humankind and uncover different opportunities and challenges as more devices join IOT. The best thing that you as a marketer or user should do is to educate yourself on the potential impacts which can be better seen in the play, live and consumer working patterns. The linkage created between the connected devices will enable the user to control them from any point with ease, thus accessing data and gaining insights immediately they are needed.

  1. Wearable technology

This market is growing at a very high rate. A study conducted by Juniper Research predicts that spend on wearables will hit $19 billion by the year 2018. After the release of the Apple watches and Fitbit, consumers now view this technology as a mainstream and less Sci-Fi. The technology, however, have a long way to go, not just for the multi-million dollar companies. It involves micro-testing and experimentation. It is more of data, finding the best way to tap it to capture value, and then integrate the experience to create convenience for the consumers. It is expected that the wearable device market will hit the 111 million units of shipments this year.

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Making a prediction on the future of innovations is a dicey preposition. However these five connected trends in technology, are bound to leave an indelible mark on the landscape as more users come online. As a business owner, entrepreneur or a manager, ensure that you invest in the best gadget technology for your firm. This should be done carefully to avoid wastage of funds or being phased out of business.

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