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If you are reading this, there are strong probabilities that you are having a tough time with your broadband speed. If you are looking for some magical trick that will help boost your broadband speed then, unfortunately, this article won’t serve the purpose. Previous year has witnessed a dramatic rise in the fixed broadband speed in the UK with the average speed going up to 15Mbps. Sadly, the picture differs from the actual reality, mainly during the peak hours.

Before we move any further, let us first get to know more about the technical terms which will surely come handy in comprehending things in a better way. This may seem a bit boring but will be of great significance. For instance, majority of the people are of the view that megaBITS and megabytes are one in a same thing but in actuality both of them have their individual definitions. MBps is megabytes and Mbps is megabits. However, it’s not the end of the world and you can try out the following discussed methods in order to boost your broadband speed –

Browser Update –

It is imperative that the browser gets regularly updated. This proves helpful in cutting down the surfing time and also assist in fast downloading. Some of the common ones include – Apple Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. If your browser hangs on a regular basis, then it’s right time to switch your browser. You will certainly experience a boost by changing your browser.

Switch your Provider

If you are not getting desired broadband speed from your existing provider, you can always switch to another provider. All the providers don’t offer equal speed, you might have to pay additional amount but then again it’s a minimal investment that is totally justified. Speaking of providers, BT is a leading provider of communication solutions and they extend their services in over 100 nations. In the UK, you can get in touch with BT customer services to get updated information about the broadband and internet services & products.

Consider Scanning for Viruses

As per the experts, virus, adware and trojan are the common reasons that may be hampering the speed of the broadband. These viruses, while staying in the computer, suck all the resources and whatever you are doing, eventually making your broadband speed sluggish.

Speed Test

First and foremost, it is imperative that you make use of a good speed tester. This will surely give you a better idea of what is the exact speed that you are getting. You can refer and run a test, this will make your familiar with the speed that you are actually getting.image003

Switch Your Router

The broadband router should also be upgraded, this will surely make a considerable difference to the broadband speed. In order to enjoy fast speed, make sure that you go for wireless routers. You can also consider the re-positioning of the router, you can choose an area where it has to face minimal obstructions. For instance, the router should be ideally placed at a height, remove barriers between the computer and the router.

Using a Powerline Adapter

If you are facing an issue with wireless range then make sure that you buy a set of powerline adapters. The best thing about these devices is that they can be easily installed and make use of the domestic power lines that assist in creating a network. This will have a much faster speed as compared to a wireless one while powered via distant router.

Using Broadband at Peak Hours

When majority of users are using the same broadband connection simultaneously, the broadband speed tends to decrease. Various tasks which comprise of downloading movies, uploading images and videos are also responsible for draining the broadband speed. As per a survey in the UK, the hours between 7:00 and 9:00 pm the download speed came down by 40 percent.

Cross-check WiFi Settings

If you are technically sound, then you will understand that the router comes with varied settings that influence the signal of the wireless broadband. Certain adjustments can be made in order to enjoy good speed.

Make your connection secure

If you are using a wireless broadband, it is advisable to secure the wireless network. If, by mistake, you are sharing your connection with someone whom you don’t recognize, chances are that he/she will be using the bandwidth without your knowledge. This will end up ruining your broadband speed and download allowance also gets hampered, the worst of all the the security of the connection becomes questionable.

Cutting Down Usage of Bandwidth

Various applications such as Skype and Windows Update, which tends to start discreetly as and when you log in to your computer, also slow down the broadband speed without your knowledge. Make changes in the settings so that they don’t start on their own, this noticeably drains down the bandwidth. By pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, it will open the task manager where you can check what is currently running on your computer and you can stop all the programs which are running unnecessarily.


Using Wireless Connection

As per the experts, a wired one is much faster as compared to a wireless connection. Upon setting a wireless connection, there is a drop in the speed which is quite evident. It won’t be an issue for all those who make use of fast connections, but all those who are users of slow broadband might have to face a sluggish speed, which may not be the best choice anyway.

The experts are of the view that if you want to experience fast speed then staying connected via ethernet cable should be your choice. If still you don’t experience good speed then surely there is an issue at provider’s end and don’t blame your equipment unnecessarily.

Try Consulting

If the speed of your broadband is not according to what you would have ideally expected from your ISP, then calling them will prove helpful. If they are able to locate the issue, ask them to fix it which will surely prove handy in boosting the connection speed. If you are using the same plan for quite a long time, chances are more that the package might have outdated. You may have easy access to faster options than your existing connection by spending a little more.

Wrap Up

After going through the above article, you get a thorough comprehension that there is no magic involved in boosting your broadband speed. Try not to follow the tricks that is being discussed on YouTube, most of the times they are misleading and eventually prove worthless. Follow the above discussed methods religiously, you will surely witness the changes.

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