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if you walk past the diner just after seven o’clock

once dusk has bruised the pink peach flesh of the day

and the taxi lights scream yellow murders outside the window

you can see the waitress, now a cleaner, in her lime green

smock, whirling and pirouetting through the air with

her mop, a noble gas, a neon sign, dancing, slipping and

scything through the empty spaces, fly free sweet jane doe


– Stuart Buck –

Writer, poet, damn fine cook and not bad at chess. I have spent most of my adult life working as a chef in busy kitchens with little time for any other pursuits. After giving it up in January 2015 I started writing poetry more frequently after previously dabbling in some of the shorter forms. My poems have been published in/on The Stare’s Nest, Acumen, Cultured Vultures, Deadsnakes, Lost Souls Anthology, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Erbacce Journal, Rats Ass Review, The Seventh Quarry, Melancholy Hyperbole, Walking is Still Honest, Yellow Chair Review, The Haiku Journal, The Tanka Journal, Gambling the Aisle, The Sunflower Collective and Under the Fable. I have been a featured poet on both ‘Caught in the Net’, Poetry Super Highway and in FIVEPoetry. Debut Collection ‘Casually Discussing the Infinite’ will be published by Snow Leopard later this year.

Find out more:

Writeoutloud :  writeoutloud.net/profiles/stubuck

Facebook : facebook.com/stuartbuckpoetry

Twitter : @stuartmbuck 

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