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Educatables are a Chesterfield based Indie Rock/Pop band with a melodic bouncy kick. Boasting over 400 gigs to their name, they have worked with acclaimed producers Eliot Kennedy (Brian Adams song-writing partner and producer) and Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys 1st album) and enjoy regular play in Hollyoaks’ “Dog Pub” scenes. Also on Jukeboxes countrywide, they have made a name for themselves regionally with excessive play on BBC Radio Sheffield, Nottingham and Chesterfield’s Peak FM. They were also crowned with Derbyshire’s prestigious “Band of the Year” title followed by a Professor Green support slot at Doncaster’s Keepmoat stadium. Currently working on their new album, look out for their promotional UK tour to follow in 2016 and meet the lads in person


BERRIES are an energetic all-female rock band based in London.

They have performed all over the UK, been featured on various radio stations including BBC London Introducing and have supported notable musicians including Andy Bennett from Ocean Colour Scene. Their style is often described as a mixture between Biffy Clyro and Red Hot Chili Peppers with a splash of Indie.

A Blue Flame

A Blue Flame is the latest project from Leicester based songwriter, Richard Stone. His first album, “someone else’s dreams will fill our home” was released in 2013 with lead song, ‘Does Madonna Dream’ gaining widespread airplay across the internet and on 6Music and BBC Leicester. Stone recorded his new album, “what we’ve become is all that now remains” at Deadline Studios in Leicester over the last year and it will be released on 19th August. Stone’s brought together some of Leicester’s best musicians to bring his new batch of songs to life – influenced by the classic songwriters of the 60s, Stone’s a man out of time but what a great time it is…

Lornnah Stewart

Early Music Life
Music has been part of the UK singer, songwriter and dancer’s life from as early as the age of 10 years old. Although she was one of the top students at her dance school achieving the highest grades in her dance exams, injury slowed down her progress. It was then she started to develop an even deeper love for writing songs and so persuaded her parents to let her record some of her material in a recording studio based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. After recording a track at the age of 12 the sound engineer passed on the song to a top UK music manager in London who also managed the likes of the late great Linden David Hall. Tony Hall saw potential in her and wanted to take her further into the music industry. However her parents decided at that particular time it was best for her to concentrate all of her efforts more in school.

Early Career Start
After attending the Brit School in South London. It was there she met up with other musicians and would then go on to work as a backing singer for different bands. With small appearances in music videos, radio play, even interviews from a local Newspaper to a US magazine it wasn’t long before Lornnah was approached by an indie label “Zoom Records” to sign the UK songstress.

Present Day
After performing at various events and festivals all over the UK Lornnah went on to collaborate with various musicians and producers including Andy Whitmore who has worked with and produced for the likes of Lemar, Eternal, Tevin Campbell, Alexander O’Neil to name but a few.
Lornnah describes her music as contemporary R&B with an urban twist. “I try to steer away from being put in a genre box as I want to share my music journey with as many people as possible. It’s the only language I know that everyone gets”
Lornnah has an admiration for those who she consider’s “allrounders” so it’s no suprise that some of her influences are people such as Bruno Mars, Neyo, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Prince. These are the writers, performers, singer’s producers, dancers the “allrounders”.
Other influences include, Jessie J, Coldplay, Mariah Carey, Adele, Beyonce to name but a few
Coming from a strong musical background along with a passion for sharing her music Lornnah Stewart is definitely in the music world to stay.

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